Sunday, July 25

Come in

bo beep bo beep bo beep bo beep bo beep bo beep ah ah.

My head is like,
paining -.- I blame it all on the weather of this lovely country. Or Akon (A)

Today has been not-so productive. I was a couch potato up until lunch time. But now I'm a computer potato :D :D LOL. Watched
kamen rider den o on ntv7 for the first time. Didn't know they were there. Didn't know it was dubbed so that sucks :/ DEFINITELY didn't know Nakamura of D-boys is in that too!*squeeals* mann, I am soooo hooked on kamen rider, it's sick *shake heads*

Well, exam is coming nearer & nearer. Scared until I can fall asleep lah! HAHA. No really. I'm scaredd. Wow. This just in: 2 people on my
facebook changed their relationship status to 'in a relationship' in less than 20 mins. what's happening? Is there a love virus going around that I missed? hemm ;;_;;

Good for you (Y)

OHH. emg! I just remembered reading something from the star paper this morning. Yes I read other sections apart from the comic section LOL Anywaysss, they wrote like a panel of quotes from big important people. One of them was from this malay guy who said "Muslims need to stop wearing the man united jerseys as they promote the devils. And we should not be walking around wearing the devil emblems as we are against Satans." HAHAHA wtfff.

I'm sorry but I find this like
totally hilarious! It's just a logo for peter pan's sake! They're the devils because they pwn the game when they play. They don't run around and like, ruining people's lives or promote smoking or anything. Goshh, next thing you know the man who said that is going to banish the number '6' from the world since it's a bad number and stuff HAHAHA I'm awesome ;)

Atiqah is coming over later yeh yeh yeh :D


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