Thursday, July 8

Come back.

HOR :)

I'm online only for a little while. Just to download ZE:A's level up :D zutto addicitive! like really. Can't wait for the mv. Joonyoung ahhhhh~

School has been OK la. We, as in the physical class of 4V moved to 4 Pentium's previous class which is btwfyi, really hot -.- Plusss, I'm not sitting under the fan anymore. Thankgod we moved back today because of reason I have no idea about. LOL

oh. I've finished reading beautiful creatures (L) which dazzlyn said is my hentai book since I'm sooo into it winkwinkwink LOL. I got teary when Macon died though :'( srsly cannot wait for beautiful darkness! Impatient girl, I am.

Stoooopid german sotong didn't support own country T^T I was like "germany ftwwww! rm5 said you'll win!!" They didn't. Misa said that we should cut the octopus and make sushi HAHAHA RM6 one plate!(Y)

I have nothing else to say but to spazz about this;

omgomgomgomg IC joonyoung!
and and kevin, doojoon and like duhh kwanghee *squeeeel*

Waiting for MC grrr so lambat!


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