Friday, July 23

Clap man

It's friday night oh oh oh :D

I'm watching Mychonny on blogtv and he's singing Gee! LOLOL XD Complete with the whole falsetto somemore (Y) and now VI's 'strong baby' EMG He rocks!

School has been OK :) Absent for two days this week *clapclap*
Found out that we have to do another english aural -.- But this time in pairs :DD Joyen took a bullet for me for letting me be partners with Dazzlyn while I was absent :'D HAHA

So now, me & Dazzlyn dazz have to come up with a topic. I was thinking about doing a sketch about Team Edward vs Team Jacob or something XDD ORRRRR A korean drama role-play thingy where an ullzang will have to suddenly appear :D *winkwink

I like the new accs teacher oh :D She makes sense. A lot of sense actually *nod nod*

Nothing much actually. I am just trying to not fangirl that much on this post LOL. Likee, how much I love Shinee's comeback or the fact that I am still addicted to Teen top orrr ze:a's aweshomeness. Yes, no fangirling is allowed ;x

OH. I just found out a 'friend' of mine is like, totally annoying. Let's call her; FD :) So The other day I was talking with FD about this singer righttt. Then she was making this 'err-yea-right' face, so I assumed she didn't know. But then she was like "oyeahh I totally know! he's hot." I waited for her to like, break into a song (like she always does) but then she didn't. Instead, she changed the topic. -.-

THEN SUDDENLY. After two days or so, she started singing that song (!) Like, ouumygod. She was totally hooked on that song like she only heard it for the first time. And fyibtw, the song is a year old or something. grr. HAHAHA. And this is NOT the first time. She did something worse before, but I forgot what actually LOL


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