Friday, July 30

About all the things

Good evening :D

So I woke up just now with Blue's love at first sight playing in my head :D :D That's what I get for playing their songs before sleeping last night. Youtube is awesome (Y) I SO SO SOOOO MISS THEM! :'(( I remember when I got a walkman for my 10th birthday. I started collecting their albums (in tape form lol) since then. So I have like all of their albums *witchy laugh* I was like a billionaire when I was younger la please ;D I used to buy Simple plan & sugar ray's albums too. Srsly billionaire la HAHA THIS IS BECAUSE OF HOTSTUFF DUNCAN JAMES OKAYYYY And LEE.

I can't believe that I still remember all of their songs. Like I started playing random songs of them, then the words started falling out of my mouth automatically like I just heard the songs a minute before. Sucha fangirl XD

One of their first MVs :')
oh oh Duncan at 0.20!
then antony :D
Then LEE is at 0.40 and followed by simon hihi

I wanted to post another video, breathe easy but they don't let grr

So I just this post is all about BLUE hahaha! Remind me to write a real post laterh la


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