Friday, July 30

About all the things

Good evening :D

So I woke up just now with Blue's love at first sight playing in my head :D :D That's what I get for playing their songs before sleeping last night. Youtube is awesome (Y) I SO SO SOOOO MISS THEM! :'(( I remember when I got a walkman for my 10th birthday. I started collecting their albums (in tape form lol) since then. So I have like all of their albums *witchy laugh* I was like a billionaire when I was younger la please ;D I used to buy Simple plan & sugar ray's albums too. Srsly billionaire la HAHA THIS IS BECAUSE OF HOTSTUFF DUNCAN JAMES OKAYYYY And LEE.

I can't believe that I still remember all of their songs. Like I started playing random songs of them, then the words started falling out of my mouth automatically like I just heard the songs a minute before. Sucha fangirl XD

One of their first MVs :')
oh oh Duncan at 0.20!
then antony :D
Then LEE is at 0.40 and followed by simon hihi

I wanted to post another video, breathe easy but they don't let grr

So I just this post is all about BLUE hahaha! Remind me to write a real post laterh la


Sunday, July 25

Come in

bo beep bo beep bo beep bo beep bo beep bo beep ah ah.

My head is like,
paining -.- I blame it all on the weather of this lovely country. Or Akon (A)

Today has been not-so productive. I was a couch potato up until lunch time. But now I'm a computer potato :D :D LOL. Watched
kamen rider den o on ntv7 for the first time. Didn't know they were there. Didn't know it was dubbed so that sucks :/ DEFINITELY didn't know Nakamura of D-boys is in that too!*squeeals* mann, I am soooo hooked on kamen rider, it's sick *shake heads*

Well, exam is coming nearer & nearer. Scared until I can fall asleep lah! HAHA. No really. I'm scaredd. Wow. This just in: 2 people on my
facebook changed their relationship status to 'in a relationship' in less than 20 mins. what's happening? Is there a love virus going around that I missed? hemm ;;_;;

Good for you (Y)

OHH. emg! I just remembered reading something from the star paper this morning. Yes I read other sections apart from the comic section LOL Anywaysss, they wrote like a panel of quotes from big important people. One of them was from this malay guy who said "Muslims need to stop wearing the man united jerseys as they promote the devils. And we should not be walking around wearing the devil emblems as we are against Satans." HAHAHA wtfff.

I'm sorry but I find this like
totally hilarious! It's just a logo for peter pan's sake! They're the devils because they pwn the game when they play. They don't run around and like, ruining people's lives or promote smoking or anything. Goshh, next thing you know the man who said that is going to banish the number '6' from the world since it's a bad number and stuff HAHAHA I'm awesome ;)

Atiqah is coming over later yeh yeh yeh :D


Friday, July 23

Clap man

It's friday night oh oh oh :D

I'm watching Mychonny on blogtv and he's singing Gee! LOLOL XD Complete with the whole falsetto somemore (Y) and now VI's 'strong baby' EMG He rocks!

School has been OK :) Absent for two days this week *clapclap*
Found out that we have to do another english aural -.- But this time in pairs :DD Joyen took a bullet for me for letting me be partners with Dazzlyn while I was absent :'D HAHA

So now, me & Dazzlyn dazz have to come up with a topic. I was thinking about doing a sketch about Team Edward vs Team Jacob or something XDD ORRRRR A korean drama role-play thingy where an ullzang will have to suddenly appear :D *winkwink

I like the new accs teacher oh :D She makes sense. A lot of sense actually *nod nod*

Nothing much actually. I am just trying to not fangirl that much on this post LOL. Likee, how much I love Shinee's comeback or the fact that I am still addicted to Teen top orrr ze:a's aweshomeness. Yes, no fangirling is allowed ;x

OH. I just found out a 'friend' of mine is like, totally annoying. Let's call her; FD :) So The other day I was talking with FD about this singer righttt. Then she was making this 'err-yea-right' face, so I assumed she didn't know. But then she was like "oyeahh I totally know! he's hot." I waited for her to like, break into a song (like she always does) but then she didn't. Instead, she changed the topic. -.-

THEN SUDDENLY. After two days or so, she started singing that song (!) Like, ouumygod. She was totally hooked on that song like she only heard it for the first time. And fyibtw, the song is a year old or something. grr. HAHAHA. And this is NOT the first time. She did something worse before, but I forgot what actually LOL


Tuesday, July 20


Ren's cheekbones LOL

Anyways, hiiii.
I didn't go to school today since I had a flu last night and a bigggg headache just now. I think I'm ok nao :) Still not sure why I'm here really -.-""

School was fine yesterday. I hate the new schedule though D: Like, who put Econs as the first subject?! We need sleeping time after assembly la please! grrr. They're having this campaign where everyone can't use plastic for food. So instead, we get paper plates, bowls and small paper thingy for others. Which is what Usj 13 been doing actually .___. but this is a campaign, so it will only last for 2 weeks I think. Save the world pffts

My heart went out of my chest when I saw this last night. OHMYGODDDDioahdgtjknur!! WOW. Speechless. I need to save money asap! WAAAAAAAA~ But then I just found out that my mom makes like 2k per day - clap people, clap(A)-- SO I just found my sponsor! ^^V
It's just that she don't know it yet HAHAHA

Downloading Shinee's album naoooo. It took like, 2 mins to download a 10MB file :O! I was like; "WHY SO FASSTTT ONEEE?!!"

This song is vair addictive(!!)
I'm still kinda mad at their stylists though GRR (because of obvious reasons)

but hell, they are super duper friggin ahmazing!
Like, I actually spaced out the first time watching this mv. Thinking about the other lucifers I know LOL as in Joon ji hoon (from Ma wang) && Patch (hush, hush) and they're deffo hotter but shinee is like, the SEXIEST esp jonghyun♥ hihi

And to Jo yen & dazzlyn; if you're reading, TEAM EDWARD can beat TEAM BOSCO & TEAM JACOB in 2 minutes lah, don't faint okayy


Sunday, July 18

You're so hot

So I just got back from Kuala kangsar with family + untie sue :)

We went to a wedding at Ipoh sort-of Gopeng yesterday. Cousin Aqilah was there with my uncle+ family and my grandma :) Sudah lama tidak jumpa hihi. It was superrrr hot so my face turned like, really red T^T I looked like, something that look really red lah. Saw some 5/6 rated lengcais with aqilah XD We were like fangirling or something LOL. I miss Ipoh :')

Didn't go to Ipoh de mall though.. because it was again, superr hot so I was like "papa dudeeee, let's not go to Ipoh mall la, too hot." So yeahh..

NO INTERNET at Chandan so I HAD to watch Kamen Rider Ryuki with my brother :DD OK. I WANTED TOO. LOL. HENSHIN! XD Ren is ultra sexy! So I call him sexystuff while I call Ryuki hotstuff HAHAHA. Watched until 10 eps. There are like, 50 eps all together. My brother PERASAN himself as Ren. So I was like "NOOOOO! He's my BF!!" LMAOOO

Ate like a ton of food! I swear we can't go to Kuala anymore or I'll be fattttt as a boomer.

OH. We visited grandma's grave this morning *sobsob* before picking up dozens of paus we ordered kekeke. I have something else to say but I can't remember what. And now my dad is asking for me to stop using the computer ._____. haven't even uploaded the pics GRRR


Friday, July 16

Do what you wanna do

I died without internet. As in I've been sleeping in my free time :D such a pig. Latih Tubi week is overhhhh! so happy :'D It wasn't all that bad though since we can sleep in class everyday for at least half an hour or something :DD If we're not sleeping, then we were most probably talking or singing or dancing of some sort HAHAHA

But I was super sleepy in school because I cannot sleep at nights. sometimes. Like, last last night. It was shooo cold! So I looked for my good pj bottoms but then I remembered washing all my pj bottoms even my monkey oneee -.-"" SMART. The other long pants I have are my jeans which are not advisable for sleeping. So I HAD to sleep in my track bottom HAHAHA. Paining weiyh. I'm sure there were like, small wood thingy sticking out of it LOL Fell asleep at like 12++. I don't like.

That's why my panda eyes are level 3 naooo. GRRR.
Soo school was funnn :) I'd rather have latih tubi everyday than study mannnn. Srsly. The only thing I hate is that we had recess like 30 mins later than usual =.= Hungry lah! hahaha

You should, they're young. HAHAHA omg sounds wrong! XD Teen Top is shooo hot! I WANT CAP. He's the oldest, like 18 years old. And the youngest being 15. They're like the mini 2PM! Can't wait for MB stage! WATCH MEH :D

PS; The title is from ZE:A's new song. The rap part, where he went "Do what you wanna do, I'm telling you" WHICH sounds like
"Do what you wanna do, I'd do you" HAHA srsly! I was like *gasp* omgomg come lahhhh! HAHA hamsap! XD

Sunday, July 11

saturday night

I'm in jolly good mood since it's my birthday today!:)
Celebrated last night actually, a little gathering SLASH bbq with close friends *clapclap*
Had tonnes of funnn! My brother's friends came early to help out. At least, that's what I think so -.-"" My bro started the fire at like, 5.30 while I was inside *evil witch laugh* LOL. Hazwani & dhani arrived almost at the same time. Then I saw 3 lengcais aka reuven, song ming, jing wei EMO walking outside cheyhcheyhcheyh XD I was like "where are the girls laa??!" HAHA.

They arrived later when we were drunk with reuven's & jing wei's piano playing skills WHICH BTWFYI were like, 1000000 times better than me! So malu lah. That' what happens when you don't practice. grr. We Eateat, talktalktalk and we went to the 11/7 padang :D By then, miza aliza dhani & wani went back d. So yea, it was scarayh. Dazzlyn & Joyen got scared the shizz out by song ming HAHAHA. The place was wet but we all went crazy on the skating thingy nonetheless. And the see-saw, and the slide AND the monkey thingy (L)

The guys were ever so sweet to walk me, joyen & dazz home
:) when their houses are like, so close to the padang. My parents were like "*high pitched* byeeee! :DD" to my friends -.-" malu.

Then I found out that my brother messed around with my phone T^T So there were bookmarks of random games websites and pics of lengluis like HYUNA in my phone. omgomggrrrr. Stayed up just to delete all those stuff. malu times 2!Lucky him that HIS FRIENDS all lengcai lah (Y)

My fav photo since everyone were looking at the camera :)

Thanks a lot guys, I had so mucho fun! :') thanks for coming and thankssssx2 for the presents, you guys are the BEST! :)

PS; Sorry my dad is A BIT scary HAHAHA
PS2; Will update the rest of the pics on facebook soon! I hope, lol

Thursday, July 8

Come back.

HOR :)

I'm online only for a little while. Just to download ZE:A's level up :D zutto addicitive! like really. Can't wait for the mv. Joonyoung ahhhhh~

School has been OK la. We, as in the physical class of 4V moved to 4 Pentium's previous class which is btwfyi, really hot -.- Plusss, I'm not sitting under the fan anymore. Thankgod we moved back today because of reason I have no idea about. LOL

oh. I've finished reading beautiful creatures (L) which dazzlyn said is my hentai book since I'm sooo into it winkwinkwink LOL. I got teary when Macon died though :'( srsly cannot wait for beautiful darkness! Impatient girl, I am.

Stoooopid german sotong didn't support own country T^T I was like "germany ftwwww! rm5 said you'll win!!" They didn't. Misa said that we should cut the octopus and make sushi HAHAHA RM6 one plate!(Y)

I have nothing else to say but to spazz about this;

omgomgomgomg IC joonyoung!
and and kevin, doojoon and like duhh kwanghee *squeeeel*

Waiting for MC grrr so lambat!


Sunday, July 4

Time should stop

So I went to USJ4's Carnival yesterday with Miza, it was awhshomeee! Minus the part where we had to line up for the haunted house for an hour before they tell us that there was a technical difficulties -.- WE QUIT THE LINE! lolol. Was sooo close already, but ridiculous lah. Didn't see anyone I know there except for a few ex-classmates. Loads of cuteee guys :) hahaha. There was a dance crew and I was like ":O hot & talented?! I hate our school!" gegege. And nice selling skills. We were at this stall, and the cute guys were like "A hot girl like you should buy the super delish muffins" Miza looked at me and laughed LOL (Y) We later found out that they're only form 2 students but so tall lehh O_O

Nothing mucho happened after that since I had to go back at 1PM (arrived at 10++) So I didn't stick around when Yuna, saiful apek were there. Miza told me that lots of people I know were there too grrr.

My mummy's birthday! :DD Didn't really celebrate as my mom's friend's husband--who is also my mom's friend just died U_U So we went to somewhere close to Klang I guess, not sure actually. May he rest in peace. Yeahh, met lots of mom's friends. They were saying how small and young I look *flips hair* LOL hahaha xD

Such a cold day, I'm sneezing and having a retarded runny nose T^T falling sick I guess. grrgrrgrr

I'll update again next week ciaoooo
ps; It' also Akanishi jin, takahisa masuda and Leader Doojoon's birthday today!


Friday, July 2

So precious


So I woke up feeling abnormally hungry just now. Srsly, the first thing I heard after waking up was my stomach going gruu gruu growling LOLOL Maybe because I only ate like half an apple for dinner last night since I was too guilty to eat anything else after having ais kacang in the morning--remembering alexander's love for it LOL And oreo shake shake that evening. Grrr those oreos!

So yesterday.
Open day and both of my parents went :) My class first before heading to Yan's class which is just next door haha. Anyways, Pn Lilaini filled in for the sick pn Noria and that did not bode well. I was pissed at the teacher. She was like "I have no idea, the computer counted everything" *glares at me* Dad; "so you're saying I should be talking to the computer la??" HAHA BURNEDDD! Serves her right, get some ground work done first la. My mom didn't say much. It ended after 2 mins or something. Thankgoddd :]

My parents were, are, dissapointed ofcourse. Who aren't? All the parents had the boringest faces after taking their kids' report cards HAHA. So I'm going to study harder lah now, hopefully.

Downloading Taeyang's album naoooo. I LOVE HIM, HOTNESSSTUFF :9 And son dambi's new single is good too, love her :) (L)

Oh. My dad just said I can only use the internet on weekends now *sobsob* Feel so sad. GRR. So I'm going to update my blog on weekends as mucho as I can.

Oh times 2, My MSN GOT HACKED -.- sheeet man. But now it's okay, my email I mean. The thing is the msn thingy is NOT. So I can't on my msn PFFTTTTS! Need to re-install again again again lah naoo. Sooo, please ignore the shtoopid emails from 'me' =.= kthx

Rest In Peace, Park Yong Ha u_u

This is awk..ward..?
They're siblings O_O
But MIR looked so cute and go eun ah was like.
I ionno.
I still can't stop watching it though

I think I'm kinda jealous, inaway
But cute whaaaaaat, rite? :D

OK. This is hot

MIR & Joon? THE Hottest
The song is srsly addictive too(Y)(Y)
I have not much to say L O L