Thursday, June 24

You thought

I'm backkkk :)
From nowhere actually. It's just that I've been sleeping a LOT after school lately, so got no time liaouuuu .___.

The week passed so quickly.. and tomorrow is friday :) USJ 12 is celebrating teacher's day and I don't wanna goooo T^T butbutbut my brother wants to go, COUGH. So I have tooo grrr.
Yeah, I got nothing to write about zzz. My life is part sleep and part *square boring :D omg lolol that made sense! :DD

Dangg, I miss UKISS :''( SOOHYUN! *fangirl squeal* can't believe I went there mannn. It was like, watching music bank but in 3D with epic speakers (!) And seeing Eli, with his oh-so-dreamy eyes, Kevin with his height XDD, Kiseop sang a part in the boyz to men song! [I forgot that I recorded thaaaat LOL] Alexander and his super cute eyes *0* Dongho's awesomeee smile, kibum's gorg body *droools* and like DUHHH, My husband soohyun with his hyperness-hotself (!!!) It's a suprise that I didn't faint though O__O HAHA They were like angels and I hope they'll do more fan meetings in the future so that I get to see/touch them HAHA *cross fingers*

Lost track. I daydream a lot laa now, sorry. kthxbye

LOL. Lots of people are talking about the karate kid nowww. Yeah, well because it's awesome (Y) I watched it on sunday with 2 of my best guy mates at summit :) They were too hyper mannnn! xD I was like panting by the time we get to the cinemas HAHA. WE NEED TO GO OUT AGAINN, KAYY (;

Then we toured the place until I can remember where the toilet is already. Yeah, finally. hahaha XD Bumped into Dhani in Giant while kinda vandalising the place :D I didn't recognize her at first until She was like "Imannn??!" I said "OHHHYALOL HAYY GIRL!" :DD She asked "ohh, datinggg winkwink?" I was like ":O" haha

Jaden smith is shoo cute! and small LOL That somehow sounds so wrong *innocent face* And the girl is stick-thin mann, envy her T.T Whatever it is, seems that Jackie Chan is not turning old. I bet he's immortal by the way that he moved in the movie haha. But so scary la, kung fu I mean. Nearly got a heart attack O_O choichchoichoi

ps; new layout :)


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