Thursday, June 10

To Infinity and beyond


It was my bloggie's one-year anniversary yesterday *woots!But since I was lazy and the rain had me sleeping, I wasn't online to update. so yeahh U__U

Just came back from a hectic day at KLCC. Loads of people were there, srs. Like, it was totally crowded. They should be at home or on a vacation or something but pffts. So I bought yet another dark book called "hush hush" byt Becca Fitzpatrick. The name is somehow german-esque xD

And I found this japanese mag that covers the kpop scene. I was like "HELLYEAH RAIN IS THE COVER!" and turned it to find the price tag. and ohmygod I gasp when I saw that it's "RM 64.50" GRRNESS. ZE:A's poster was inside too! (I read the front page LOL) I want itttt T___T

My brother complained that there were absolutely no bishou just now. Deffo zero times a million LOL. He's starting to sound like me D:!! HAHAHA. I'm OK. There were bishies so I'm good *winkwink*

Yeah, other than thaaaat. Infinite released their album & MV yesterday and OHMYGOD they are fantastically super duper triple hotness cute(!!) *squeals* LOL. Well, to me la. If you don't think so please exit on the right thankyou

I died. Epik High is ge-ni-uss for scouting talents & pretty faces like them(Y)
and and the song is sooo addictive, RAWWR!
LOL I sound so obsessed. HAHAHA

Among the bands that debuted this week (x-storm/code V), Infinite got my vote fosho!

My phone is white fyibtw. Likelike, nickhun's! ;DD But they also gave me free black jacket & white with green circle stuff. So I can like, change the jacket depending on my mood and stuff haha.

watching MCD naooo,

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