Tuesday, June 1

Shake that vanilla shake!


Getting lazy to update blog :'( So first thing first (LOL SS501)
*cough* I'll start with
BBQ day. Hell loads of fun (!!) I ate like, 2 or 3 bites of a piece of chicken that I shared with my brother since there were no more *pats self*

saturday;Went to my mom's friend's daughter's wedding at 7.30pm T.T
It was hard

Watched Dream concert online (Y)
I waited for RAIN actually. Had no idea that he wasn't there though lmaoooo xD
So yeahh.. UKISS & 2PM ftwwww!

A little souvenir-->

Caught this when the internet was lagging (A)
*droooool* He's an angel that's fosho ;)

was baskin robbins day!
did NOT go out though D; since it was raining vair heavily until I thought want to banjir d grrr.
15/33 from my class came to school :D

Many people came. Rained, thunder & all. Scarayyy times 134752111 la!
BRRR. I was about to fall asleep when my radio switched off, suddenly.
omg freeeky! Turns out that the electric went off LOL -.-"""

yea, that's it

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