Thursday, June 17

Oh, pick me

So I think I'm dying because the lack of oxygen in my brain. Simple explanation for that; the thought of UKISS in Malaysia and friggin breathing the friggin same air as us KYAAAAAAAA~ I have the pics but it's all blurry and I don't want to think that I was exactly there like, 2 days ago. It'll make me breathless. Soohyun was waving almost all the time && alexander was all smiles~ and someone tweeted that kevin looks taller in person :O


And now they're saying that ukiss is gonna be in sunway lagooon tomorrow! OMGGGG times kezellion! This is deffo killing me X.X I.NEED.TO.SEE.THEM.

My brother said that I'll faint when I see them in person. LOL that's most likely to happen but I'm going to make sure I eat lots of iron, energy-food and some pills, just to make sure I'm going to stay conscious when I'm giving soohyun his cutecute doll and the fan/love letter to them :D

I need to breathe mannnnn, LMAOOO
goshh, I still have no idea what to wear on that day T.T and what bag to carry. GAHHH, PAST IMAN WAS SO LAZY!


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