Friday, June 4

Like the first time

H O L I D A Y :)

So. I didn't go to school today since we went to the airport at 3am just naoooo. LOL. On purpose, to send off one of my dad's classmate :') Yea, I did not sleep last night (A) I wasn't really sleepy. I mean, I don't really need to sleep at nights; the mornings & afternoons that really bore me to sleep. I was already vair sleepy when we arrived at the airport 4++ We arrived home at 6.30 and I slept until 12.27 pm *gasp* first timeee o___o hahaha. It was an adventure fosho (Y)

Like, I ate delish fried chicken at 4.30am something just now :O because I didn't have dinner okayyyy LOL. But srs loads of people la just now. It's like, a normal night-out or something. Weird actually. And the fact that there were only like 2 bishies that's not that bishie is also veraayyyy weird. GRRR

I've been playing nightclub city a lot on facebook lately. It's addictive I swear(!)

Saw this on MTV yesterday. Brings out so much memories
TOP is such a badass! ;)
I love this song :'D and and gummy!
she has a super voice and she's really pretty *0*
jealous T^T

Need sleep, xx

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