Monday, June 7

Knock you down

HEY :)

So far so bored. LOL

Just came back from a vair tiring day at sunway with the family, minus mummy as she is at work .___. OH. I GOT A NEW PHONE :DD hahaha. Samsung corby Pro :) l o v e i t. But it kills me that I have little clue of how to use it HAHA. Still, I'm so happy :')) thanksss to parents

Yesterday stayed at home. No wait. we went to the clinic because mummy burned her hand D: (she's ok) So me & my brother took selca pics of ourselves as we wait :] I am allowed to put only this one picture;

**failed to load as the internet is making coffee, please wait**

No idea what to write, and I bet it's gonna rain. Soo Imma go read the user's manual naooo LOL


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