Saturday, June 26

If it's not you, I can't be fixed

Listening to: 2pm-Only you :')
Mood: Sleepy

Dad went out so it's just me & my bratha till evening. It's sad that I don't have any friends to sneak out with *double sad face* LOL

Well, I went to school yesterday since Miza was like "the cute guy that you say is cute is going to sing!COME LA" So I was like "HE CAN SING TOO??" Shocked by the awesomeness. Had a greaaaat time though :) First time celebrated teacher's day in school on 3 years or something. I remember that I skipped 2009 teacher's day with some friends. We walked from USJ9 to Taipan T^T ++ hot day somemore! grrr.

Anyways, yesterday. Teachers played games hihihih. Loads of performance after the short recess. Fell asleep somewhere in the middle since it was oh-so-boring zzz. I know I'm rude :P hemmmmm.. forgot what to write .___.

Ohwell. BEAST is in malaysia today *SCREAM* omgggg. Gi kwang! *faint* It's a shame that I'm out of money or I'ld be there and dying LOL But I think I'll save the money for Ukiss or mblaq or RAIN or 2PM oh, or Big bang! hahahahaha FANGIRL, PFFTS

ps; to anyone who's going, send my xoxo to gi kwang && doojoon pleaseeee! thanks (L)


Watched music bank's half-year special yesterday? I didn't :( Went to the airport. IKR! no beast in sight though *sigh* Anyways, my favfavfav performance was this;

I screamed when I saw nickhunnie & chansunggie appeared *2PM biased DUHH* They're too hot, blame them.
And love gummy, hwayobi & Lyn's special stage together. They kick arse, mannnn (Y)



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