Tuesday, June 8

Gonna be the one that I want

Yes, hyori is sooo hyorish ;]

I am also currently addicted to addiction by this new band called code V, which btwfyi, consist of 5 cuteee members! hahaha. Their mv lack of originality though, with the tattoo idea from ukiss & black paint from mblaq's oh yeah days. Nevertheless, *ohmigoshh, a big word! :O* I already transferred it into my new phone *flips hair xD* which is a sign of me reaaally getting addicted to it.

Enuff of that. I'm not going anywhere today T.T except for tonight's airport trip, again. clap people, clap. LOL.

OH. I watched the last episode of reversal of fate just naooo. dangg, they were all crying :'(
At the end of the ep, Gangho & yeonghui got back together :') Namju & yeonghui visited their mother's grave. Seonsu & *insert gangho's sis name here* & haru are moving to their new apartment. Taemin was on a blind date with this girl who captured his heart (from what I see LOL) So yeaa, I was like "nooooooooo!" when KBS wrote there "thank you for watching reversal of fate". Feel so sadd *sobsob* So then I quickly grabbed my phone to text my mom about it before I found out I'm out of prepaid T^T

so yeahh, I enjoyed my day of being a couch potato watching silly comedy shows on star world this morning. Yea, cougar town & accidentally on purpose roxx srs. HAHA



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