Tuesday, June 29

Feel so righttttt

LOL. I'm a weird friend, couldn't even recognize a friend -___-

Anyways. HEYY! :)
Haven't been online on this computer for a while. So I bet I missed a lot, not really. I am not in my best mood this week. Confused, tiredness, loneliness, madness and all that ends with 'ness'. Srsly. I have no idea why. No reason to be since I have such awesome people around *winkwink* and I'm bored. Oh, just take me away

Open day is thursday. Can you say D-I-E? I hope I'll survive at least until after my birthday which is fyibtw coming in less 2 weeks :D find mi presents! LOL It's raining now, and a great excuse for me to sleep but I don't wanna *emo* ASK ME WHY, I WON'T ANSWER :D (Y)

And. I found out that. My fav cute actor (who shall remained unnamed) is not-straight :( He is like, shooo hot! and funnayhh but :(( Depressed for 27 days lah *sigh*

He's like the dreamiest 16 year-old guy EVER. maybe. hahaha


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