Monday, June 14

Eat you up


So I was the doing the laundry just now *pat self* when I saw a dot of blood on one of MY clothes. I looked up, thinking someone was dying on the ceiling or something but then I realized it was me. I was bleeding. L O L. Stupid nose. My nose haven't been bleeding since the last time I've watched porn XD Like master Roshi of drangonball HAHA --JOKING OKAYYY

Wasn't interacting online for a few days because I was in hushush mood O_O That book ar, got me thinking about stuff. Stuff like weird stuff as in fallen angels, guardian angels, and the hot angel patch cipriano *droool* I was stoned for a long time after reading the book. Blurr for enuff time. CAN'T WAIT FOR CRESCENDO! srsly omgahhhh *faint*


IC Joon in sleeveles top.
GO showed his 'y' too(Y)
and and MIR!at 2.19
syok sendiri until smile also sexayyy

I looked for Infinte's debut on inkigayo but the video is no longer there T^T
NYEH. I'M BORED. Don't call me to get out, it's friggin hot naoo so I'm going to my room kerokero


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