Saturday, June 19

All about UKISS

**superr long post ahead ;)

Just came back from the UKISS fan-meeting :DD IT WAS HELLA AWESOMEEEEEE! times 10000000000 xPP

hey played games, performed a couple of songs including 'bingeul, bingeul' and boyz to men- end of the road which made me teary :') Tons of pics, thanks to my untie's camera^^ a LOT of soohyun's pics though *biased* Ryan of onefm was the emcee. He was so funny! but I don't like his english lol. My seat number was Q56, at the end of the row beside the dj station. hemm.. There was a landing place in front of me so I had no problem with moving around :D But there was this boomer (fei por). She came and stand right in front of meh -.- So I had to move and crouched at another place la, grrr. Thankgod that I had an amazing view of the guys, so I took some vids~

The games part; 7 lucky fans (and I mean LUCKY) get to play with UKISS. Trying to picture myself in their places naoooo HAHA. I was sooo jealous when soohyun carried that girl T.T I AM STILL, actually XD They gave such wonderful fan-service though :') OH. We even sang "happy birthday" for dongho~ complete with birthday cake somemore (Y)
But my fav part would have to be when I went on stage. Warning: this happened in like, 20 seconds but it felt like forever so I remember what happened LOL --
On the stage;
gave me the autographed album so I was like "THANKYOUUU"
Kevin smiled & said "thankyouuu"
kiseop was not that hyper :/ but his profile is to die for!
Alexander kept waving and I was like *waves back* "thankyouuu :DD" Dongho was all shyshy but smiled that cute smile of him and said "thankyouuu"
kibum waved :P
then the last person was soohyun. So I was like "WTBBQ YOU'RE INCREDIBLY SEXAYY LA, HUSBAND!" He took out his hand so I high 5 la(!!) His hand is so strong and dreamayy~ *faint LOL. I WANTED TO TELL HIM "SARANGHAEEE!!" But I was already in dreamland and kept rewinding the images of what just happened. Ohh, how I wish I have eyes that can capture pics and can be like, printed out T^T
But srsly, my hand was already frozen (because of the aircond) so I felt the power of soohyun's high-five. Yes, I can go on and on and talk moreee about the wonderfulness of soohyun's hand but I won't XDD I DO have to say this :: THEY HAVE THE MILKIEST WHITE SKIN (!) I am so jealous heh,

Then, me & my friend, Izmin gave the uncle our gifts for UKISS~ kekeke. So I'm sure UKISS will read my oh-so-loviness letter *crosses fingers* OH. I got soohyun a plushie~~

All in all, my favouritest day ever :] Hope they can have another fan-meeting here~ cause I prefer fan-meetings more than concerts la actually kekeke *winkwink

will upload pics and vids soon~ But I need to gather my thoughts first LOL And I'm trying really hard to not wash my hand, so yeahh.. HAHAHA
My album and the Soohyun nametag I bought :D
and a lightstick
I'm starting to like pink naooo hihihi

ps; more pics on my facebook(:


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