Tuesday, June 29

Feel so righttttt

LOL. I'm a weird friend, couldn't even recognize a friend -___-

Anyways. HEYY! :)
Haven't been online on this computer for a while. So I bet I missed a lot, not really. I am not in my best mood this week. Confused, tiredness, loneliness, madness and all that ends with 'ness'. Srsly. I have no idea why. No reason to be since I have such awesome people around *winkwink* and I'm bored. Oh, just take me away

Open day is thursday. Can you say D-I-E? I hope I'll survive at least until after my birthday which is fyibtw coming in less 2 weeks :D find mi presents! LOL It's raining now, and a great excuse for me to sleep but I don't wanna *emo* ASK ME WHY, I WON'T ANSWER :D (Y)

And. I found out that. My fav cute actor (who shall remained unnamed) is not-straight :( He is like, shooo hot! and funnayhh but :(( Depressed for 27 days lah *sigh*

He's like the dreamiest 16 year-old guy EVER. maybe. hahaha


Saturday, June 26

If it's not you, I can't be fixed

Listening to: 2pm-Only you :')
Mood: Sleepy

Dad went out so it's just me & my bratha till evening. It's sad that I don't have any friends to sneak out with *double sad face* LOL

Well, I went to school yesterday since Miza was like "the cute guy that you say is cute is going to sing!COME LA" So I was like "HE CAN SING TOO??" Shocked by the awesomeness. Had a greaaaat time though :) First time celebrated teacher's day in school on 3 years or something. I remember that I skipped 2009 teacher's day with some friends. We walked from USJ9 to Taipan T^T ++ hot day somemore! grrr.

Anyways, yesterday. Teachers played games hihihih. Loads of performance after the short recess. Fell asleep somewhere in the middle since it was oh-so-boring zzz. I know I'm rude :P hemmmmm.. forgot what to write .___.

Ohwell. BEAST is in malaysia today *SCREAM* omgggg. Gi kwang! *faint* It's a shame that I'm out of money or I'ld be there and dying LOL But I think I'll save the money for Ukiss or mblaq or RAIN or 2PM oh, or Big bang! hahahahaha FANGIRL, PFFTS

ps; to anyone who's going, send my xoxo to gi kwang && doojoon pleaseeee! thanks (L)


Watched music bank's half-year special yesterday? I didn't :( Went to the airport. IKR! no beast in sight though *sigh* Anyways, my favfavfav performance was this;

I screamed when I saw nickhunnie & chansunggie appeared *2PM biased DUHH* They're too hot, blame them.
And love gummy, hwayobi & Lyn's special stage together. They kick arse, mannnn (Y)



Thursday, June 24

You thought

I'm backkkk :)
From nowhere actually. It's just that I've been sleeping a LOT after school lately, so got no time liaouuuu .___.

The week passed so quickly.. and tomorrow is friday :) USJ 12 is celebrating teacher's day and I don't wanna goooo T^T butbutbut my brother wants to go, COUGH. So I have tooo grrr.
Yeah, I got nothing to write about zzz. My life is part sleep and part *square boring :D omg lolol that made sense! :DD

Dangg, I miss UKISS :''( SOOHYUN! *fangirl squeal* can't believe I went there mannn. It was like, watching music bank but in 3D with epic speakers (!) And seeing Eli, with his oh-so-dreamy eyes, Kevin with his height XDD, Kiseop sang a part in the boyz to men song! [I forgot that I recorded thaaaat LOL] Alexander and his super cute eyes *0* Dongho's awesomeee smile, kibum's gorg body *droools* and like DUHHH, My husband soohyun with his hyperness-hotself (!!!) It's a suprise that I didn't faint though O__O HAHA They were like angels and I hope they'll do more fan meetings in the future so that I get to see/touch them HAHA *cross fingers*

Lost track. I daydream a lot laa now, sorry. kthxbye

LOL. Lots of people are talking about the karate kid nowww. Yeah, well because it's awesome (Y) I watched it on sunday with 2 of my best guy mates at summit :) They were too hyper mannnn! xD I was like panting by the time we get to the cinemas HAHA. WE NEED TO GO OUT AGAINN, KAYY (;

Then we toured the place until I can remember where the toilet is already. Yeah, finally. hahaha XD Bumped into Dhani in Giant while kinda vandalising the place :D I didn't recognize her at first until She was like "Imannn??!" I said "OHHHYALOL HAYY GIRL!" :DD She asked "ohh, datinggg winkwink?" I was like ":O" haha

Jaden smith is shoo cute! and small LOL That somehow sounds so wrong *innocent face* And the girl is stick-thin mann, envy her T.T Whatever it is, seems that Jackie Chan is not turning old. I bet he's immortal by the way that he moved in the movie haha. But so scary la, kung fu I mean. Nearly got a heart attack O_O choichchoichoi

ps; new layout :)


Wednesday, June 23

Monkey magic (Y) (Y)

Will update soon! Till then; turn it up now, turn it up naoooooo


Saturday, June 19

All about UKISS

**superr long post ahead ;)

Just came back from the UKISS fan-meeting :DD IT WAS HELLA AWESOMEEEEEE! times 10000000000 xPP

hey played games, performed a couple of songs including 'bingeul, bingeul' and boyz to men- end of the road which made me teary :') Tons of pics, thanks to my untie's camera^^ a LOT of soohyun's pics though *biased* Ryan of onefm was the emcee. He was so funny! but I don't like his english lol. My seat number was Q56, at the end of the row beside the dj station. hemm.. There was a landing place in front of me so I had no problem with moving around :D But there was this boomer (fei por). She came and stand right in front of meh -.- So I had to move and crouched at another place la, grrr. Thankgod that I had an amazing view of the guys, so I took some vids~

The games part; 7 lucky fans (and I mean LUCKY) get to play with UKISS. Trying to picture myself in their places naoooo HAHA. I was sooo jealous when soohyun carried that girl T.T I AM STILL, actually XD They gave such wonderful fan-service though :') OH. We even sang "happy birthday" for dongho~ complete with birthday cake somemore (Y)
But my fav part would have to be when I went on stage. Warning: this happened in like, 20 seconds but it felt like forever so I remember what happened LOL --
On the stage;
gave me the autographed album so I was like "THANKYOUUU"
Kevin smiled & said "thankyouuu"
kiseop was not that hyper :/ but his profile is to die for!
Alexander kept waving and I was like *waves back* "thankyouuu :DD" Dongho was all shyshy but smiled that cute smile of him and said "thankyouuu"
kibum waved :P
then the last person was soohyun. So I was like "WTBBQ YOU'RE INCREDIBLY SEXAYY LA, HUSBAND!" He took out his hand so I high 5 la(!!) His hand is so strong and dreamayy~ *faint LOL. I WANTED TO TELL HIM "SARANGHAEEE!!" But I was already in dreamland and kept rewinding the images of what just happened. Ohh, how I wish I have eyes that can capture pics and can be like, printed out T^T
But srsly, my hand was already frozen (because of the aircond) so I felt the power of soohyun's high-five. Yes, I can go on and on and talk moreee about the wonderfulness of soohyun's hand but I won't XDD I DO have to say this :: THEY HAVE THE MILKIEST WHITE SKIN (!) I am so jealous heh,

Then, me & my friend, Izmin gave the uncle our gifts for UKISS~ kekeke. So I'm sure UKISS will read my oh-so-loviness letter *crosses fingers* OH. I got soohyun a plushie~~

All in all, my favouritest day ever :] Hope they can have another fan-meeting here~ cause I prefer fan-meetings more than concerts la actually kekeke *winkwink

will upload pics and vids soon~ But I need to gather my thoughts first LOL And I'm trying really hard to not wash my hand, so yeahh.. HAHAHA
My album and the Soohyun nametag I bought :D
and a lightstick
I'm starting to like pink naooo hihihi

ps; more pics on my facebook(:


Thursday, June 17

Oh, pick me

So I think I'm dying because the lack of oxygen in my brain. Simple explanation for that; the thought of UKISS in Malaysia and friggin breathing the friggin same air as us KYAAAAAAAA~ I have the pics but it's all blurry and I don't want to think that I was exactly there like, 2 days ago. It'll make me breathless. Soohyun was waving almost all the time && alexander was all smiles~ and someone tweeted that kevin looks taller in person :O


And now they're saying that ukiss is gonna be in sunway lagooon tomorrow! OMGGGG times kezellion! This is deffo killing me X.X I.NEED.TO.SEE.THEM.

My brother said that I'll faint when I see them in person. LOL that's most likely to happen but I'm going to make sure I eat lots of iron, energy-food and some pills, just to make sure I'm going to stay conscious when I'm giving soohyun his cutecute doll and the fan/love letter to them :D

I need to breathe mannnnn, LMAOOO
goshh, I still have no idea what to wear on that day T.T and what bag to carry. GAHHH, PAST IMAN WAS SO LAZY!


Monday, June 14

Eat you up


So I was the doing the laundry just now *pat self* when I saw a dot of blood on one of MY clothes. I looked up, thinking someone was dying on the ceiling or something but then I realized it was me. I was bleeding. L O L. Stupid nose. My nose haven't been bleeding since the last time I've watched porn XD Like master Roshi of drangonball HAHA --JOKING OKAYYY

Wasn't interacting online for a few days because I was in hushush mood O_O That book ar, got me thinking about stuff. Stuff like weird stuff as in fallen angels, guardian angels, and the hot angel patch cipriano *droool* I was stoned for a long time after reading the book. Blurr for enuff time. CAN'T WAIT FOR CRESCENDO! srsly omgahhhh *faint*


IC Joon in sleeveles top.
GO showed his 'y' too(Y)
and and MIR!at 2.19
syok sendiri until smile also sexayyy

I looked for Infinte's debut on inkigayo but the video is no longer there T^T
NYEH. I'M BORED. Don't call me to get out, it's friggin hot naoo so I'm going to my room kerokero


Thursday, June 10

To Infinity and beyond


It was my bloggie's one-year anniversary yesterday *woots!But since I was lazy and the rain had me sleeping, I wasn't online to update. so yeahh U__U

Just came back from a hectic day at KLCC. Loads of people were there, srs. Like, it was totally crowded. They should be at home or on a vacation or something but pffts. So I bought yet another dark book called "hush hush" byt Becca Fitzpatrick. The name is somehow german-esque xD

And I found this japanese mag that covers the kpop scene. I was like "HELLYEAH RAIN IS THE COVER!" and turned it to find the price tag. and ohmygod I gasp when I saw that it's "RM 64.50" GRRNESS. ZE:A's poster was inside too! (I read the front page LOL) I want itttt T___T

My brother complained that there were absolutely no bishou just now. Deffo zero times a million LOL. He's starting to sound like me D:!! HAHAHA. I'm OK. There were bishies so I'm good *winkwink*

Yeah, other than thaaaat. Infinite released their album & MV yesterday and OHMYGOD they are fantastically super duper triple hotness cute(!!) *squeals* LOL. Well, to me la. If you don't think so please exit on the right thankyou

I died. Epik High is ge-ni-uss for scouting talents & pretty faces like them(Y)
and and the song is sooo addictive, RAWWR!
LOL I sound so obsessed. HAHAHA

Among the bands that debuted this week (x-storm/code V), Infinite got my vote fosho!

My phone is white fyibtw. Likelike, nickhun's! ;DD But they also gave me free black jacket & white with green circle stuff. So I can like, change the jacket depending on my mood and stuff haha.

watching MCD naooo,

Tuesday, June 8

Gonna be the one that I want

Yes, hyori is sooo hyorish ;]

I am also currently addicted to addiction by this new band called code V, which btwfyi, consist of 5 cuteee members! hahaha. Their mv lack of originality though, with the tattoo idea from ukiss & black paint from mblaq's oh yeah days. Nevertheless, *ohmigoshh, a big word! :O* I already transferred it into my new phone *flips hair xD* which is a sign of me reaaally getting addicted to it.

Enuff of that. I'm not going anywhere today T.T except for tonight's airport trip, again. clap people, clap. LOL.

OH. I watched the last episode of reversal of fate just naooo. dangg, they were all crying :'(
At the end of the ep, Gangho & yeonghui got back together :') Namju & yeonghui visited their mother's grave. Seonsu & *insert gangho's sis name here* & haru are moving to their new apartment. Taemin was on a blind date with this girl who captured his heart (from what I see LOL) So yeaa, I was like "nooooooooo!" when KBS wrote there "thank you for watching reversal of fate". Feel so sadd *sobsob* So then I quickly grabbed my phone to text my mom about it before I found out I'm out of prepaid T^T

so yeahh, I enjoyed my day of being a couch potato watching silly comedy shows on star world this morning. Yea, cougar town & accidentally on purpose roxx srs. HAHA



Monday, June 7

Knock you down

HEY :)

So far so bored. LOL

Just came back from a vair tiring day at sunway with the family, minus mummy as she is at work .___. OH. I GOT A NEW PHONE :DD hahaha. Samsung corby Pro :) l o v e i t. But it kills me that I have little clue of how to use it HAHA. Still, I'm so happy :')) thanksss to parents

Yesterday stayed at home. No wait. we went to the clinic because mummy burned her hand D: (she's ok) So me & my brother took selca pics of ourselves as we wait :] I am allowed to put only this one picture;

**failed to load as the internet is making coffee, please wait**

No idea what to write, and I bet it's gonna rain. Soo Imma go read the user's manual naooo LOL


Friday, June 4

Like the first time

H O L I D A Y :)

So. I didn't go to school today since we went to the airport at 3am just naoooo. LOL. On purpose, to send off one of my dad's classmate :') Yea, I did not sleep last night (A) I wasn't really sleepy. I mean, I don't really need to sleep at nights; the mornings & afternoons that really bore me to sleep. I was already vair sleepy when we arrived at the airport 4++ We arrived home at 6.30 and I slept until 12.27 pm *gasp* first timeee o___o hahaha. It was an adventure fosho (Y)

Like, I ate delish fried chicken at 4.30am something just now :O because I didn't have dinner okayyyy LOL. But srs loads of people la just now. It's like, a normal night-out or something. Weird actually. And the fact that there were only like 2 bishies that's not that bishie is also veraayyyy weird. GRRR

I've been playing nightclub city a lot on facebook lately. It's addictive I swear(!)

Saw this on MTV yesterday. Brings out so much memories
TOP is such a badass! ;)
I love this song :'D and and gummy!
she has a super voice and she's really pretty *0*
jealous T^T

Need sleep, xx

Tuesday, June 1

This one

OH. and I woke up with this song in my head; It's micheoyyo micheoyyo!

HOT & addictive & beastly rawwr (L)
I'm off to read their wiki page naooooo since I only know hyun joong & hyung jun LOL


LOL. It has no meaning whatsoever thankyouverymucho :)

Shake that vanilla shake!


Getting lazy to update blog :'( So first thing first (LOL SS501)
*cough* I'll start with
BBQ day. Hell loads of fun (!!) I ate like, 2 or 3 bites of a piece of chicken that I shared with my brother since there were no more *pats self*

saturday;Went to my mom's friend's daughter's wedding at 7.30pm T.T
It was hard

Watched Dream concert online (Y)
I waited for RAIN actually. Had no idea that he wasn't there though lmaoooo xD
So yeahh.. UKISS & 2PM ftwwww!

A little souvenir-->

Caught this when the internet was lagging (A)
*droooool* He's an angel that's fosho ;)

was baskin robbins day!
did NOT go out though D; since it was raining vair heavily until I thought want to banjir d grrr.
15/33 from my class came to school :D

Many people came. Rained, thunder & all. Scarayyy times 134752111 la!
BRRR. I was about to fall asleep when my radio switched off, suddenly.
omg freeeky! Turns out that the electric went off LOL -.-"""

yea, that's it