Tuesday, May 11

Your hands

It's been longggg, not really. HAH

So it's tuesday and also the 11th of May.
Exam is soon.. ZZZ. So I've been studying a bit lorhh AHEMM. I don't know what to write actually. Other than school has been the same. Nothing much has been happening lately. IKR! I lead a boring life, sorry *emo* OH WAIT. We each got a bright yellow file for peka todayyy :DD omg I'm so happy (Y)

errr.. soooooo. Bonamana anybody?

OHYEAH. sounds more like a FIFA theme song or something LMAOOOOO. But I love it nevertheless :) oh, just because they're *donghae* hot xD

And this was also released yesterday, CN BLUE- love light

this song is soo sweet lah! rawwr, I
minhyuk okayyyyy ;)

ps; I'm gonna be on a online-hiatus till futher notice-ah. hee~


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