Thursday, May 27

When it turns cold


Exam is overrrr! omg FINALLY :') Something to sum up every paper; add maths- fail. Oh well, we jump together! fighting! :)) LOL

So I realized that I've been posting a lot of youtube vids lately. Yea, that means I'm addicted to youtube again :DD Like, I not only watch kpop stuff or pretty guys, I've also been watching charlieissocoollike ! He's is so cool-like (Y) British accent can't get any sexier *wink* HAHA

Ohyeah I have no idea what to write naooo lalala~ yeah. I'm hyperr :P especially since SS501's Love Ya been playing since 2 something PM just now xD what is wrong with them?? They sound so hot and addictive! Awful. My Hyun joong laa, GRRR. The song is so sadd though T^T

My fav line-- "We could be so perfect"
Yes, we could :'(


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