Sunday, May 2

Please stay


The trip to go to sunway (to watch Iron man 2) with my brotha has been canceled, GRRRRR. He said it's because of some reason that I don't quite remember. LOL. But it's all good since we went shopping at ze new mall, empire last night :D I call it ZE:A's mall since their former name was 'child of empire' haha LOL. It was awesomeee. Looks so cool la. At first we went to subang parade but then there was no empty parking space left T.T so yeahh..

I even saw Ricia & her dad singing there :DD she was great. I srs thought some lady waved at me because I was so adorable or something but noooo.. turns out that was ricia. LMAOOOOO. And then riteee. She thought the guy I was walking with is my boyf. HAHA. I was like "noooo.. that's my bro" That's why lah. I don't look like my brother *thank god* xD

Anyways, then walkwalk. Ate at the loaf or something where, btw, they serve food the size of kiddies' meals. We were like "w t f?" Not going there again *glares* LOL. Lots of bishiesssss(Y) me loikee zea mall ;) Especially that place where they sell japanese food. O.M.G that one guy looks like Masuda :O as in from NEWS. Aww, great times with news :')

yeah, that's all.
PS; UKISS in red is redhot. Watch today's inkigayo.. Kiseopppppp!


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