Friday, May 21

Oh cabi! cabi!

And I only want chansung, thanks.

Apparently, being beyond hot is legal in Korea. Taec, nickhunnie and chan show it well ;) LOL. Addictive stuff(Y) I'm just kinda --- at the girls though T.T

HAHA. movingg onnnnnn
It's friday. ohmaii I'm bored .___. I'm alone at home right naooo, blasted the speakers because I'm scared duhh. I need some new songs la T^T any suggestions? (:

OH. Have you watched this??

I MISS THEM! this made up for it fosure! LOVELOVE
I mean, GO is *faint* and ohmigod! MIRRRRRR and and seungho! he looks chubbier :O totally hot. Thunderrrrr too! and and Joon's absssssss GRRR.

I'm sorry, kinda in the mood for fangirl-ing today. So yeahhh lmaoo

Another week to go till freedom! can't waittttt :DD


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