Thursday, May 6

I don't believe you;

yes. hello :)

So my mom is back from where ever she went. Melaka I think. She said I look fatter -____- PFFT. 2 days not here and BAM! Everyone is diffo LOL. My dad too. He said that if I sleep too much in the evenings, I'll be obese. I was like "hellooo. I'm far from being overweight and you guys are already talking about me being obese?!" HAHAHA, awesome. They said it with a sarcastic tone, though I found it really irritating so I said "what the everr" and continued playing tetris xD

Parents lah. Then I checked my weight at the clinic. And guess whaaaat? I even lost a pound. not gained, noooo *thankgod* LMAOOOOO (Y)

School has been OK. Stressing about the upcoming exam though ._____. Thinking about having a study group or something. For maths. I don't believe in my maths skills naooo.. ISHH.

coming back next week;
SUPER JUNIOR. *squeeeeeeel* :DD
MBLAQ *dies*
exam week somemoree =.=


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