Sunday, May 16

Give it to my Y

I love this song :')
and the fact that nickhun is in the mv;
as an angel somemore(!)

I cried a bit at 2.28 & later when the lyrics were "Love is going, my love is leaving" and when nickhun held the girl's hands :'(( I guess it was because of the lyrics and some jealousy LOL

mblaq- Y is out << click to view. It's gooooood (Y)(Y) I MISS THEMMMMMM! D; and yea, GO is mustacheless *gasp* he looks sdoapoljgj!! :DD

Exam fever naoooo--for twelveans la. Because the 13 kids haven't even started yet, GRRRR. And I had this weird dream last night but I kinda.. forgot .____.

Ate a cookie for lunch just now :) So I'm going to continue study la d ^^v
HAHA yeah riteeee

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