Tuesday, May 4

Get me a chocolate


It's tuesday and I'm already beat. Finished karangan (Y) passed up maths booksss (Y)(Y) and stayed awake at school-most of the time (Y)3 LOL.

But I do have one problem. A problem with this girl lah, actually. Let's call her KP, as in P for Pig.
OK. She thinks that I'm her bestest friend just because I treat her nicely and smile at her when everybody else hates her. I'm just doing that because I am such a big hypocrite and well, yeah. A BIG one. But I'm so good at being a hypocrite that she believes & trusts me now. Susah -.-" So now she won't buzz off. She'll always be there, talking loudly, potong my stim and such. And she is such a bish. Mannn, nowondernofriendsoneee.

Like today. errMG! She sat near me but not really. And well, didn't copy the notes but made noises and talk. Believe me when I say she talks like there's no tomorrow or something. And I was like "shutup la" but she was still there, talking. We got fed up with her & de stupid questions, which she knows the answers to but asked anyway since she.. I dunno actually. She's always like that. Like, she purposely asked stupid questions to make us all feel bad or something.

Which BTW, I kinda get why because she has no one else to talk to. So she obviously feels kinda lonely and now is getting revenge on other people by making them feel annoyed with questions and not to mention her eew-ish voice.
. perghh

Like. urghhh. So frustrated I tell you. And now I don't feel so good, wanna puke. I just want her out of my way and not mess around with my life. Wish that she'd magically dissapear/move or get killed by moi *prays*

So yeah. I feel sick and wanna sleep for a while.


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