Thursday, May 27

When it turns cold


Exam is overrrr! omg FINALLY :') Something to sum up every paper; add maths- fail. Oh well, we jump together! fighting! :)) LOL

So I realized that I've been posting a lot of youtube vids lately. Yea, that means I'm addicted to youtube again :DD Like, I not only watch kpop stuff or pretty guys, I've also been watching charlieissocoollike ! He's is so cool-like (Y) British accent can't get any sexier *wink* HAHA

Ohyeah I have no idea what to write naooo lalala~ yeah. I'm hyperr :P especially since SS501's Love Ya been playing since 2 something PM just now xD what is wrong with them?? They sound so hot and addictive! Awful. My Hyun joong laa, GRRR. The song is so sadd though T^T

My fav line-- "We could be so perfect"
Yes, we could :'(


Friday, May 21

Oh cabi! cabi!

And I only want chansung, thanks.

Apparently, being beyond hot is legal in Korea. Taec, nickhunnie and chan show it well ;) LOL. Addictive stuff(Y) I'm just kinda --- at the girls though T.T

HAHA. movingg onnnnnn
It's friday. ohmaii I'm bored .___. I'm alone at home right naooo, blasted the speakers because I'm scared duhh. I need some new songs la T^T any suggestions? (:

OH. Have you watched this??

I MISS THEM! this made up for it fosure! LOVELOVE
I mean, GO is *faint* and ohmigod! MIRRRRRR and and seungho! he looks chubbier :O totally hot. Thunderrrrr too! and and Joon's absssssss GRRR.

I'm sorry, kinda in the mood for fangirl-ing today. So yeahhh lmaoo

Another week to go till freedom! can't waittttt :DD


Sunday, May 16

Give it to my Y

I love this song :')
and the fact that nickhun is in the mv;
as an angel somemore(!)

I cried a bit at 2.28 & later when the lyrics were "Love is going, my love is leaving" and when nickhun held the girl's hands :'(( I guess it was because of the lyrics and some jealousy LOL

mblaq- Y is out << click to view. It's gooooood (Y)(Y) I MISS THEMMMMMM! D; and yea, GO is mustacheless *gasp* he looks sdoapoljgj!! :DD

Exam fever naoooo--for twelveans la. Because the 13 kids haven't even started yet, GRRRR. And I had this weird dream last night but I kinda.. forgot .____.

Ate a cookie for lunch just now :) So I'm going to continue study la d ^^v
HAHA yeah riteeee

Tuesday, May 11

Your hands

It's been longggg, not really. HAH

So it's tuesday and also the 11th of May.
Exam is soon.. ZZZ. So I've been studying a bit lorhh AHEMM. I don't know what to write actually. Other than school has been the same. Nothing much has been happening lately. IKR! I lead a boring life, sorry *emo* OH WAIT. We each got a bright yellow file for peka todayyy :DD omg I'm so happy (Y)

errr.. soooooo. Bonamana anybody?

OHYEAH. sounds more like a FIFA theme song or something LMAOOOOO. But I love it nevertheless :) oh, just because they're *donghae* hot xD

And this was also released yesterday, CN BLUE- love light

this song is soo sweet lah! rawwr, I
minhyuk okayyyyy ;)

ps; I'm gonna be on a online-hiatus till futher notice-ah. hee~


Saturday, May 8


scream & shout

Ohyeah I'm going!GAHHH

Thursday, May 6

I don't believe you;

yes. hello :)

So my mom is back from where ever she went. Melaka I think. She said I look fatter -____- PFFT. 2 days not here and BAM! Everyone is diffo LOL. My dad too. He said that if I sleep too much in the evenings, I'll be obese. I was like "hellooo. I'm far from being overweight and you guys are already talking about me being obese?!" HAHAHA, awesome. They said it with a sarcastic tone, though I found it really irritating so I said "what the everr" and continued playing tetris xD

Parents lah. Then I checked my weight at the clinic. And guess whaaaat? I even lost a pound. not gained, noooo *thankgod* LMAOOOOO (Y)

School has been OK. Stressing about the upcoming exam though ._____. Thinking about having a study group or something. For maths. I don't believe in my maths skills naooo.. ISHH.

coming back next week;
SUPER JUNIOR. *squeeeeeeel* :DD
MBLAQ *dies*
exam week somemoree =.=


Tuesday, May 4

Get me a chocolate


It's tuesday and I'm already beat. Finished karangan (Y) passed up maths booksss (Y)(Y) and stayed awake at school-most of the time (Y)3 LOL.

But I do have one problem. A problem with this girl lah, actually. Let's call her KP, as in P for Pig.
OK. She thinks that I'm her bestest friend just because I treat her nicely and smile at her when everybody else hates her. I'm just doing that because I am such a big hypocrite and well, yeah. A BIG one. But I'm so good at being a hypocrite that she believes & trusts me now. Susah -.-" So now she won't buzz off. She'll always be there, talking loudly, potong my stim and such. And she is such a bish. Mannn, nowondernofriendsoneee.

Like today. errMG! She sat near me but not really. And well, didn't copy the notes but made noises and talk. Believe me when I say she talks like there's no tomorrow or something. And I was like "shutup la" but she was still there, talking. We got fed up with her & de stupid questions, which she knows the answers to but asked anyway since she.. I dunno actually. She's always like that. Like, she purposely asked stupid questions to make us all feel bad or something.

Which BTW, I kinda get why because she has no one else to talk to. So she obviously feels kinda lonely and now is getting revenge on other people by making them feel annoyed with questions and not to mention her eew-ish voice.
. perghh

Like. urghhh. So frustrated I tell you. And now I don't feel so good, wanna puke. I just want her out of my way and not mess around with my life. Wish that she'd magically dissapear/move or get killed by moi *prays*

So yeah. I feel sick and wanna sleep for a while.


Sunday, May 2

Please stay


The trip to go to sunway (to watch Iron man 2) with my brotha has been canceled, GRRRRR. He said it's because of some reason that I don't quite remember. LOL. But it's all good since we went shopping at ze new mall, empire last night :D I call it ZE:A's mall since their former name was 'child of empire' haha LOL. It was awesomeee. Looks so cool la. At first we went to subang parade but then there was no empty parking space left T.T so yeahh..

I even saw Ricia & her dad singing there :DD she was great. I srs thought some lady waved at me because I was so adorable or something but noooo.. turns out that was ricia. LMAOOOOO. And then riteee. She thought the guy I was walking with is my boyf. HAHA. I was like "noooo.. that's my bro" That's why lah. I don't look like my brother *thank god* xD

Anyways, then walkwalk. Ate at the loaf or something where, btw, they serve food the size of kiddies' meals. We were like "w t f?" Not going there again *glares* LOL. Lots of bishiesssss(Y) me loikee zea mall ;) Especially that place where they sell japanese food. O.M.G that one guy looks like Masuda :O as in from NEWS. Aww, great times with news :')

yeah, that's all.
PS; UKISS in red is redhot. Watch today's inkigayo.. Kiseopppppp!