Saturday, April 3

You laugh like a lunatic

Sorry haven't update since march, been pretty busy la. You know, with life and all :P ahahaha. OK, so here's what happened;

Aprils fool day *evil witch laugh* Neh, I didn't pull a prank on anyone though. I didn't have enough motivation. HAHA. So I just laugh at other people's pranks and stuff. OH, like the one we're pulling on MB *eye brows* hahaha. That is like the joke of the century mann (; Will not write it here though. Later she read ar, I die wor xD OH, and we celebrated my aunty sue's bday at victoria station that night

Went to sunway after school. celebrate Atiqah's sweet sixteen :) YOU'RE OLDER BABEEE ;) hahahahaha. Seven of us became eight then plus two. Do the math, literally. wait. I have to remember back who were there. Hemm.. me tiqa jaslyn yixia peh shye ricia yana ate tiqa's sis & friend. 10 ritee? But then we split up so it wasn't as hectic la. It was hella funn meeting USJ13 students again :DD I MISS YOU PEOPLE. thankyouyeaa~

Woke up pretty early to follow mother to UKM because I was like "college? I wanna go!!" because there are older & hotter lengcais like duhh! Yea, I helped mother carry around her beg and I controlled the slide show ;) which means, I was sitting facing the engineering students and.. 5 cuties anyone? hahaha. 57 students all together.

Some of them speak in mandarin with me YEA :D since I went up and down taking & giving papers all. That's all I did. I'm awesome lah *wink* But I have to say this, the malay dudes all look like not students in a way. I mean, all ewww-ish and erghh-ish. This is like, my 2nd time helping my mom so yea (Y) :)

Will be going to the SMK USJ 13's sports day at MPSJ with cousin & bro and have no idea what time that'll be as they are all vair efficient people. sarcastically ofcourse XD


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