Wednesday, April 21

Tell me what you, what you waiting for

OMG the longest title everhh. But the song is so addictive, I can't resist. I'm talking about Mizz Nina & Colbi O' donis' What you waiting for :)

So OK. I woke up early today because I heard Justin's voice singing baby, baby, baby ohhhhh. HAHA. Then right, B.O.B was playing. I was like "YAYYY good morning beautiful radio!" :DD Thank god I don't ever switch off my radio xD well, except for when I'm not in my room la LOL.

School was fun but stressful :/ Like, OMG. Panic much? GRRR. I was like "dudeee, chill." and thanks to my good choice of words, she was like "OK la" SEE, so good leh! *winkwink* I'm not writing who I mean because if I did, WHOA. I die. hahaha.

Totally can't believe that there's not going to be Music bank again this week D: I even canceled my trip to summit because I wanted to stay at home and watch. But nooooo, KBS don't agree with me -.- GRRR.

So now I'm going to write the top 5 favorite english songs that I'd stop doing what I was doing just to listen to the song :D HAHA I know, confusing ;)

1. B.O.B- Nothing on you
2. Mizz nina & Colbi O Donis- What you waiting for
3. Justin Bieber- Baby
4. Paramore- The only exception
5. Katy Perry & Timbaland - If we ever meet again

YES. I'm awesomeee. and bored :O
OK, chiausss


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