Monday, April 19

Take good care

Been MIA because duhhh, lazy is in the house (Y) And I'm not going to write a lot today too. Dowloading/loading and also buffering 2PM'S Without U MV. OMG *squeeeeeel* !!! I was online using my phone when I got the news. OMG, It's so fate LOL.

OK, *calming down* Weekends passed by like dozens of rocks being thrown outside to hit people. HAHAHA. I mean, time flies. Read again then

At school today. I've finish the last BM essay that I haven't finish. Yea, I'm awesomeeee *winkwink* xD Sat with dazzlyn, jo yen, kah mun they all today. And that was heck loads of fun! hahaha. We kept laughing and laughing about stupid stuff laaaa :) Like, We decided. My husband is RAIN. Joyen-Bosco Wong. Dazzlyn- taylor lautner hahaha OMGG XD So funnayhhh.

OH, and I have to goreng mee for this saturday :/ Like I know how to cook?!! PFFT. OK, I can cook. But not until 2kg of stuff. Neverrrr will I do that. Thank good god my untie is willing to help her troubled korean *COUGH* niece LMAOOOO

Ok, I need to go. Wooyoung is pratically calling me. IKR!
I have no idea, but I felt like crying just now :(( while watching the MV la. Maybe it's because they're saying they're gonna be OK without me awwww *emoh* I can imagine, those buffer bodies can take on anything I guess RAWWR.


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