Wednesday, April 28

So girls are rubbing us on them?

Been busy with all those hari kantin posts that I forgot to post about 2PM's It's skin CF! D: I should kill myself LOL

YEAH. hahahaha OMG I love the Junbros!!
Junho is totally the 2nd RAIN (Y)
rofl with the song XDD
wooyoung was like, "so lonely T.T" hahaha
awww, I'll always teman you yeobo ;)

EPIC! hahahaha
wooyounggie was like "OH, chansung-ah *blush* " LOL
and that girl with nickhun is super lucky.
seriously, rub her face? pro mann, hahaha
The jun bros OMG. (refer title xD) "ohhh~"

CFs should be longer la actually *sigh*
haha lol
Off to sleep naoooo.

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