Friday, April 30



I love you


and to celebrate, I put up a wooyoung wallpaper on my phone, a screen saver and I made a ringtone of him singing. I'm aweshome ;) OMG hahaha

Anyways, school today was good. Drizzling in the morning so we didn't have to line up.
It was our econs teacher's last day today D; so she gave us all choco balls (??) which was super delish! and a classmate of mine is also celebrating his bday todayyyyy. so lucky, same day as wooyoung :O haha

So I've realized that I haven't been talking about guys that often now. Well, OTHER than my kpop idols ofcourse :P *cough* and it's because that
my mom knows about my blog *gasp* OMG IKR! Have no idea how she found my url la. Googled my name kott .___. I mean, I didn't add my mom on facebook so she'd have no idea of the existence of my url on my page. PERGHH. And changing the url is no use :/ with google and all riteeee?

NVM lo, I still won't be lessening my rant on people though LOL


Happy birthday again wooyoung :DD *squels*
(like you're reading this LMAOOO)


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