Tuesday, April 27

Oh, he's so bangin

Don't mind the title. I was watching mtv made and this girl was like "he's so not bangin" and I was like "duhh, he's on MADE-ah" hilarskillers xD zomg I created a new word :O *pat self*

SO OK. Nothing much that I can say about school.
A lot of stuff I can't say hahaha. Neh, just kidding *COUGH* Movingg on, the teachers are dying with the pressure of the exams which are coming in about 2 weeks or something. Not us, nooooo. We're just chillin, you know. chill. PFFT. Started studying more that usual, so that's (Y) Just hope everything is enough :S

ohh goshh, my mom is talking on the phone for like, 700 minutes now and my dad is blasting up the speakers, great -___- I cannot think straight lahh people! And I'm hungry GRUUU~ so this is how it feels to not have lunch *sigh* I'm diet-ing btw. so yeahh.. HAHA

Where was I? LOL. OK, our science teacher freaked out too today. She was being all "I'm tired of this class" and I'm sure we were all "SO GO AWAY" but no one said that to her face though. Our maths teacher too. Got pissed, like usual. And some other teachers or not more, I don't remember haha.

izAkly - you & I

The awesomeness cover of this ahmazing song EVER.
I mean, he's chotto cute, asian(Y) and that voice *faints*

ps; It's sooo fate. lmaoooo xD

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