Tuesday, April 6

It's pitch dark

..and I'm back :D

This blog has been abandoned because the owner is such a lazy *insert cute nickname* (Y) haha

So anyways, I went to USJ 13's sports day on sunday. It was the bombbbb ;) Met all those familiar faces and even more unfamiliar peeps. Didn't stick around for that long though. Because after the kawad thingy, we went to taipan to have breakfast :D at pizza hut somemoree *c* because mcd was effing full with kids and kfc is too far away :L Walk, walk talk talk went back around 11.30 or something. Early riteeeee(!) My bro was like "Meet me now, we're going home!" I was like shizzz because we were already on the way to taipan, again :S My cousin's teacher la, said wanted to give the medal on that day but then didn't. GRRR much?

School has been normal these two days. Except that now, everytime I look at MB I fell like E.E.W!*in fathiah's tone xD* Seriously. Like OMG! I can't write it here as it's like, vair disgusting and.. disgusting thing to do. I mean, girl! don't you have any self-respect?? And now almost everyone knows about her & the lies. She's like a celebrity-famous for the wrong reasons :P ISHH.

She's not even talking to me nowadays. It's sadd :( One look at this cutie and whoosh with the big eyes rolling T^T

RAIN released a new video last week! I just found out about it on saturdayyyyy.

omg, hot much? The lyrics is so sad.. I kinda cried the first time I watch this video. Reminds me of some stuff that's undone. So yeaa. I LOVE YOU RAIN

There's more news but I'm tired. Just got back from KOKO you see. Such a good girl riteee? ;) *nudgenudge* HAHA

*ps; I don't like the new layout of youtube .___. do you?

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