Friday, April 16

I think we're alone now

And I'm alone at home :O my dad's gonna be home in another 10 mins or so. So yesterday when I logged-in to my facebook.. I saw this;

SEE? Everything has the number one. One is like, my lucky number this week :D how cool is that?? Totally awesome, when you're bored enough to notice these stuff xD and also, yellow is my lucky colour and saturday is my lucky day *winkwink* LOL yes. I read horoscopes (Y)

Anyways, yesterday.
I didn't go to school becausebecause, me & my bro and cousins went to KLIA to send-off Ibu & my cuzzie, ajim :( They moved to Labuan *double sad face. Took super loads of pictures(!) It was as if they're going to do plastic surgery when they get there. HAHA. So yea, arrived at home before nine though. I tried going back to sleep but I remember that reversal of fate is at 9.30. So like duhh, I watched.

OMGG, totally drama-ish la now :/ Turning into one of those sad-love-tragic dramas. Like, gangho broke his leg, yeonghui's jiajia mom hurt/break her arm. IKR! The hospital is making tonnes of money! ;D

nothing much happened. Felt so sad at one point of the day. So emo, GRRR. I'd blame my hormones T^T srs. Nowadays, I feel like crying when I'm alone. Have no idea of whatsoever why. Maybe it's because I miss my grandma :'( and and.. blehh. Useless much?

But still, my friends cheered me up :D With jokes, fooling around and ofcourse gossips*nudgenudge* HAHA

ps; I can't wait for next week! *paste heart here* stupid google chrome won't paste T.T

ps times 2; Yea. I did a new 'the addiction' part >> refer right. Joomi, kevin of ze:a, key, honggi are all there :DD


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