Friday, April 23

I ran to you crazily

**long-ish post ahead. Beeeware.
Currently listening to 2PM-
마자 (Maja) and feeling like I missed something, somewhere *sigh*

Anyways, HIIIII :D
It's friday and tomorrow's saturday and that means HARI KANTIN of SMK USJ 12 *WOOTS* I'm so excited because because there's gonna be like, 3 haunted house. And like duhh, I'm going (Y) It's been centuries since the last time I went into one of those.

I remember that one time when my brother got lost inside and when he gets out, he was sobbing. Awww right? I laughed hard though HAHA. And that one time where I pulled the shirt of the person in front of me so hard that, it kinda ripped :O she didn't find out till today *pats self* xD yea, good memories :') will make more tomorrow :D

OH, there'll be tonnes of games too. Like the class 4P is doing. Sounds funn :) Our class is selling some food. I'll be there, selling too. For a short while ONLY. Then I'm off 5C's club or something hahahaha. The teacher said that we have to wear our PJ clothes and NOT bring phones/cameras. So I decided to bring a pair of shorts and phone AND a camera-- if it'll suddenly appear later because I don't have one LOL

So now I'm out of idea of what to write. OH OMGG. 2PM comeback stage of (DSCS) and Without U was*awesomenesslikesuperhotwithpepperandnotomatoesWTHHOT* Neh, it was OK. LMAOOO XD But I do have one complain, they're super buffed. And that's a BIG-small problem for me. Because for as long as I remember, too-buffed guys freak me out. Like really. I saw this picture once, where this dude had the muscles of a freaking I don't know, muscle-covered thing. And yea, I wanted to puke. PERGHH.

So you see, I need them to be less-buff again. I mean, they remind me of JYP now D: and that's not cool.

COUGH. Also watched ZE:A & UKISS stage ;) AND RAIN. Nearly forgot mi babyyy


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