Sunday, April 25

Everybody jump


So yeah, Hari kantin was a blast yesterday. Atiqah came :D I was at the class' stall thingy until like 9 then me & jo yen walked around, selling bihun & mee goreng. FUNNNN cause we saw lots of bishies (Y) and OMG. Lots of USJ 13 students :') I wonder who went to school though. I mean, with the many that came to our school there'd only be like 20 or something at school LOL

Walked around, had kek batik for breakfast. Bubble tea, abc and marshmallow for snacks. HAHA. Did not have lunch because I'd feel guilty if I put another thing in me.I went to only one ghost house but it was aweshomeee (!) waited like for-ever to get in hahaha. And it wasn't that scary to tell the truth, but I screamed like a maniac. H said she was going deaf because of me haha. The girls behind me freaked out so I had to follow *pats self* :D

Did not take that many of pics though, I've forgotten LOL. Do know however, my legs killed me yesterday. Blisters and all :O But it's all good. I mean, Hari kantin smk usj 12 only comes like, PFFT. Half a century once or something (?) HAHA.


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