Friday, April 9

Don't look away;

Hiiii :)

It's official. I sleep more than I go online now HAHAHA. That is sooo.. good.

Anyways, I've been busy lately. Because because, now I HAVE to finish my maths homework. AH. And add maths, double AH. Honestly, I never really do the maths homework but now since my maths teachers have the paper that they use to tick people who has/has not pass up their books, there's no getting away :S GRRR.

OH. ohmigodd, there's gonna be a Hari kantin on the 24th. I think. And and and, just now our class teacher said that we will be selling 'Ice bubble' as in Bubble teaaaa(Y) hahaha. I'm freaking excited like duhh! xD even volunteered to work as a seller. See, soo good leh! LOL. Butttt, that means I won't be going to sunway to celebrate my friend's bday :( But I wanna go. Maybe I'll leave early to be there or something :D

Let's see.. Meeting dato' lee chong wei with miza tomorrow at I don't-know-where-the-hell and USJ 4's sports day on sunday. Anyone going? ;)



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