Saturday, April 10

Does it hurt?


So my dad was all himself at the dinner table just now. YES, as in the awfully bad-tempered man he is. Just because something my bro wanted to try something. PFFT. And even my pmr results were brought up. HAHAHA. I DON'T REGRET ANYTHING LA, DON'T EVEN TRY TO MAKE ME MAD :P

I mean, Form 3 was like, the best year for me. Nothing going to change that fact. It's true what my dad said, I have more important things than getting A's. Well, that's going to change whenever I feel like changing, thankyouverymuch.

I didn't go to meet dato' lee chong wei today *sob* It's because of- again- my dad or BOSS as atiqah tends to call him, have no idea where USJ 23's sports stadium is. So ofcourse he asked me to get the full address and he'll try to find it. But I was like "ohh, no need then. My finger is friggin hurting anyways" (which is true) But the other part is that I bet $1,000,000 my dad would shout at me if we go. Seriously. He'd be all "THE HELL, SHUT UP" with me. And I'd be all scare and cry right there and then. Heh. Been there done that, no new season? HAHA

I understand that he's under a lot of stress because of the upcoming exam and stuff, so I'm just going to keep out of his way and live. I hope to live. That is, if I believe in hope which I'm not saying that I am, fyi.

Sorry if I sound so lame and that this post bores you.

Anyways, today marks the last day of Suju's Super show 2. In manilla I think *woots! 8) I bet someone is fainting right about.. now. LOL And and, this awesome fansite is updating about the concert like, all the way on facebook. I love you

And now I have no idea what to write T^T


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