Friday, April 30



I love you


and to celebrate, I put up a wooyoung wallpaper on my phone, a screen saver and I made a ringtone of him singing. I'm aweshome ;) OMG hahaha

Anyways, school today was good. Drizzling in the morning so we didn't have to line up.
It was our econs teacher's last day today D; so she gave us all choco balls (??) which was super delish! and a classmate of mine is also celebrating his bday todayyyyy. so lucky, same day as wooyoung :O haha

So I've realized that I haven't been talking about guys that often now. Well, OTHER than my kpop idols ofcourse :P *cough* and it's because that
my mom knows about my blog *gasp* OMG IKR! Have no idea how she found my url la. Googled my name kott .___. I mean, I didn't add my mom on facebook so she'd have no idea of the existence of my url on my page. PERGHH. And changing the url is no use :/ with google and all riteeee?

NVM lo, I still won't be lessening my rant on people though LOL


Happy birthday again wooyoung :DD *squels*
(like you're reading this LMAOOO)


Wednesday, April 28

So girls are rubbing us on them?

Been busy with all those hari kantin posts that I forgot to post about 2PM's It's skin CF! D: I should kill myself LOL

YEAH. hahahaha OMG I love the Junbros!!
Junho is totally the 2nd RAIN (Y)
rofl with the song XDD
wooyoung was like, "so lonely T.T" hahaha
awww, I'll always teman you yeobo ;)

EPIC! hahahaha
wooyounggie was like "OH, chansung-ah *blush* " LOL
and that girl with nickhun is super lucky.
seriously, rub her face? pro mann, hahaha
The jun bros OMG. (refer title xD) "ohhh~"

CFs should be longer la actually *sigh*
haha lol
Off to sleep naoooo.

Tuesday, April 27

Oh, he's so bangin

Don't mind the title. I was watching mtv made and this girl was like "he's so not bangin" and I was like "duhh, he's on MADE-ah" hilarskillers xD zomg I created a new word :O *pat self*

SO OK. Nothing much that I can say about school.
A lot of stuff I can't say hahaha. Neh, just kidding *COUGH* Movingg on, the teachers are dying with the pressure of the exams which are coming in about 2 weeks or something. Not us, nooooo. We're just chillin, you know. chill. PFFT. Started studying more that usual, so that's (Y) Just hope everything is enough :S

ohh goshh, my mom is talking on the phone for like, 700 minutes now and my dad is blasting up the speakers, great -___- I cannot think straight lahh people! And I'm hungry GRUUU~ so this is how it feels to not have lunch *sigh* I'm diet-ing btw. so yeahh.. HAHA

Where was I? LOL. OK, our science teacher freaked out too today. She was being all "I'm tired of this class" and I'm sure we were all "SO GO AWAY" but no one said that to her face though. Our maths teacher too. Got pissed, like usual. And some other teachers or not more, I don't remember haha.

izAkly - you & I

The awesomeness cover of this ahmazing song EVER.
I mean, he's chotto cute, asian(Y) and that voice *faints*

ps; It's sooo fate. lmaoooo xD

Sunday, April 25

Everybody jump


So yeah, Hari kantin was a blast yesterday. Atiqah came :D I was at the class' stall thingy until like 9 then me & jo yen walked around, selling bihun & mee goreng. FUNNNN cause we saw lots of bishies (Y) and OMG. Lots of USJ 13 students :') I wonder who went to school though. I mean, with the many that came to our school there'd only be like 20 or something at school LOL

Walked around, had kek batik for breakfast. Bubble tea, abc and marshmallow for snacks. HAHA. Did not have lunch because I'd feel guilty if I put another thing in me.I went to only one ghost house but it was aweshomeee (!) waited like for-ever to get in hahaha. And it wasn't that scary to tell the truth, but I screamed like a maniac. H said she was going deaf because of me haha. The girls behind me freaked out so I had to follow *pats self* :D

Did not take that many of pics though, I've forgotten LOL. Do know however, my legs killed me yesterday. Blisters and all :O But it's all good. I mean, Hari kantin smk usj 12 only comes like, PFFT. Half a century once or something (?) HAHA.


Friday, April 23

I ran to you crazily

**long-ish post ahead. Beeeware.
Currently listening to 2PM-
마자 (Maja) and feeling like I missed something, somewhere *sigh*

Anyways, HIIIII :D
It's friday and tomorrow's saturday and that means HARI KANTIN of SMK USJ 12 *WOOTS* I'm so excited because because there's gonna be like, 3 haunted house. And like duhh, I'm going (Y) It's been centuries since the last time I went into one of those.

I remember that one time when my brother got lost inside and when he gets out, he was sobbing. Awww right? I laughed hard though HAHA. And that one time where I pulled the shirt of the person in front of me so hard that, it kinda ripped :O she didn't find out till today *pats self* xD yea, good memories :') will make more tomorrow :D

OH, there'll be tonnes of games too. Like the class 4P is doing. Sounds funn :) Our class is selling some food. I'll be there, selling too. For a short while ONLY. Then I'm off 5C's club or something hahahaha. The teacher said that we have to wear our PJ clothes and NOT bring phones/cameras. So I decided to bring a pair of shorts and phone AND a camera-- if it'll suddenly appear later because I don't have one LOL

So now I'm out of idea of what to write. OH OMGG. 2PM comeback stage of (DSCS) and Without U was*awesomenesslikesuperhotwithpepperandnotomatoesWTHHOT* Neh, it was OK. LMAOOO XD But I do have one complain, they're super buffed. And that's a BIG-small problem for me. Because for as long as I remember, too-buffed guys freak me out. Like really. I saw this picture once, where this dude had the muscles of a freaking I don't know, muscle-covered thing. And yea, I wanted to puke. PERGHH.

So you see, I need them to be less-buff again. I mean, they remind me of JYP now D: and that's not cool.

COUGH. Also watched ZE:A & UKISS stage ;) AND RAIN. Nearly forgot mi babyyy


Wednesday, April 21

Tell me what you, what you waiting for

OMG the longest title everhh. But the song is so addictive, I can't resist. I'm talking about Mizz Nina & Colbi O' donis' What you waiting for :)

So OK. I woke up early today because I heard Justin's voice singing baby, baby, baby ohhhhh. HAHA. Then right, B.O.B was playing. I was like "YAYYY good morning beautiful radio!" :DD Thank god I don't ever switch off my radio xD well, except for when I'm not in my room la LOL.

School was fun but stressful :/ Like, OMG. Panic much? GRRR. I was like "dudeee, chill." and thanks to my good choice of words, she was like "OK la" SEE, so good leh! *winkwink* I'm not writing who I mean because if I did, WHOA. I die. hahaha.

Totally can't believe that there's not going to be Music bank again this week D: I even canceled my trip to summit because I wanted to stay at home and watch. But nooooo, KBS don't agree with me -.- GRRR.

So now I'm going to write the top 5 favorite english songs that I'd stop doing what I was doing just to listen to the song :D HAHA I know, confusing ;)

1. B.O.B- Nothing on you
2. Mizz nina & Colbi O Donis- What you waiting for
3. Justin Bieber- Baby
4. Paramore- The only exception
5. Katy Perry & Timbaland - If we ever meet again

YES. I'm awesomeee. and bored :O
OK, chiausss


Monday, April 19

Take good care

Been MIA because duhhh, lazy is in the house (Y) And I'm not going to write a lot today too. Dowloading/loading and also buffering 2PM'S Without U MV. OMG *squeeeeeel* !!! I was online using my phone when I got the news. OMG, It's so fate LOL.

OK, *calming down* Weekends passed by like dozens of rocks being thrown outside to hit people. HAHAHA. I mean, time flies. Read again then

At school today. I've finish the last BM essay that I haven't finish. Yea, I'm awesomeeee *winkwink* xD Sat with dazzlyn, jo yen, kah mun they all today. And that was heck loads of fun! hahaha. We kept laughing and laughing about stupid stuff laaaa :) Like, We decided. My husband is RAIN. Joyen-Bosco Wong. Dazzlyn- taylor lautner hahaha OMGG XD So funnayhhh.

OH, and I have to goreng mee for this saturday :/ Like I know how to cook?!! PFFT. OK, I can cook. But not until 2kg of stuff. Neverrrr will I do that. Thank good god my untie is willing to help her troubled korean *COUGH* niece LMAOOOO

Ok, I need to go. Wooyoung is pratically calling me. IKR!
I have no idea, but I felt like crying just now :(( while watching the MV la. Maybe it's because they're saying they're gonna be OK without me awwww *emoh* I can imagine, those buffer bodies can take on anything I guess RAWWR.


Friday, April 16

I think we're alone now

And I'm alone at home :O my dad's gonna be home in another 10 mins or so. So yesterday when I logged-in to my facebook.. I saw this;

SEE? Everything has the number one. One is like, my lucky number this week :D how cool is that?? Totally awesome, when you're bored enough to notice these stuff xD and also, yellow is my lucky colour and saturday is my lucky day *winkwink* LOL yes. I read horoscopes (Y)

Anyways, yesterday.
I didn't go to school becausebecause, me & my bro and cousins went to KLIA to send-off Ibu & my cuzzie, ajim :( They moved to Labuan *double sad face. Took super loads of pictures(!) It was as if they're going to do plastic surgery when they get there. HAHA. So yea, arrived at home before nine though. I tried going back to sleep but I remember that reversal of fate is at 9.30. So like duhh, I watched.

OMGG, totally drama-ish la now :/ Turning into one of those sad-love-tragic dramas. Like, gangho broke his leg, yeonghui's jiajia mom hurt/break her arm. IKR! The hospital is making tonnes of money! ;D

nothing much happened. Felt so sad at one point of the day. So emo, GRRR. I'd blame my hormones T^T srs. Nowadays, I feel like crying when I'm alone. Have no idea of whatsoever why. Maybe it's because I miss my grandma :'( and and.. blehh. Useless much?

But still, my friends cheered me up :D With jokes, fooling around and ofcourse gossips*nudgenudge* HAHA

ps; I can't wait for next week! *paste heart here* stupid google chrome won't paste T.T

ps times 2; Yea. I did a new 'the addiction' part >> refer right. Joomi, kevin of ze:a, key, honggi are all there :DD


Wednesday, April 14

Say no, no no no no

So I've realized that people change. For good or bad, it sucks actually. Sure, it's good because people can't just be one person and expect to live a hundred years. It's also bad because I don't know who you are anymore :(

I guess that's life. Forget the flaws, live with the rest.

I sound so smart leh! HAHAHA. no wait. back to emo-ing. I'll be emo-ing for another couple of days, fyi // so please finish my karangan for me? (Y) :D

BEAST is awesome :)


Tuesday, April 13

Always be there

It's a windy tuesday evening and the sun is long gone :P
The cut on my knuckles look way cooler than the pain HAHA. It's because last night I bumped my fist on my table, then I went back to sleep thinking it's all fineee. anyways it was already 11.20PM. But then rite, I felt my hand wet so I was like "sheeet. blood(!)" turned on the lights and went straight to the bathroom LOL Didn't stop bleeding after like, 3/4 mins so I just put some med and went back to sleep xD YEAH

School on monday. Boredddd :(
But we had EXPLORACE which was soo soo fun times 9382509! hahaha. me, joyen, carmen, dazzlyn, yee han & reuven :) Yea, I was the only Korean *COUGH* in my group LMAOOO We didn't win but we had tonnes of fun. seriously. With the flour and worms and other stuff. And guess what(?) there was no sun-ah! *witchy laugh* :DD

Went into my dad's car and he was like "WTH. What happened laa? what with your face??" OMG. I replied "dudeee, explorace maaa" OHH LOL. So I got tepung-ed, sore legs and back *sigh* fell like a very old lady naoooo XP

School on tuesday. Sleepy as a cow.



Saturday, April 10

Does it hurt?


So my dad was all himself at the dinner table just now. YES, as in the awfully bad-tempered man he is. Just because something my bro wanted to try something. PFFT. And even my pmr results were brought up. HAHAHA. I DON'T REGRET ANYTHING LA, DON'T EVEN TRY TO MAKE ME MAD :P

I mean, Form 3 was like, the best year for me. Nothing going to change that fact. It's true what my dad said, I have more important things than getting A's. Well, that's going to change whenever I feel like changing, thankyouverymuch.

I didn't go to meet dato' lee chong wei today *sob* It's because of- again- my dad or BOSS as atiqah tends to call him, have no idea where USJ 23's sports stadium is. So ofcourse he asked me to get the full address and he'll try to find it. But I was like "ohh, no need then. My finger is friggin hurting anyways" (which is true) But the other part is that I bet $1,000,000 my dad would shout at me if we go. Seriously. He'd be all "THE HELL, SHUT UP" with me. And I'd be all scare and cry right there and then. Heh. Been there done that, no new season? HAHA

I understand that he's under a lot of stress because of the upcoming exam and stuff, so I'm just going to keep out of his way and live. I hope to live. That is, if I believe in hope which I'm not saying that I am, fyi.

Sorry if I sound so lame and that this post bores you.

Anyways, today marks the last day of Suju's Super show 2. In manilla I think *woots! 8) I bet someone is fainting right about.. now. LOL And and, this awesome fansite is updating about the concert like, all the way on facebook. I love you

And now I have no idea what to write T^T


Friday, April 9

Don't look away;

Hiiii :)

It's official. I sleep more than I go online now HAHAHA. That is sooo.. good.

Anyways, I've been busy lately. Because because, now I HAVE to finish my maths homework. AH. And add maths, double AH. Honestly, I never really do the maths homework but now since my maths teachers have the paper that they use to tick people who has/has not pass up their books, there's no getting away :S GRRR.

OH. ohmigodd, there's gonna be a Hari kantin on the 24th. I think. And and and, just now our class teacher said that we will be selling 'Ice bubble' as in Bubble teaaaa(Y) hahaha. I'm freaking excited like duhh! xD even volunteered to work as a seller. See, soo good leh! LOL. Butttt, that means I won't be going to sunway to celebrate my friend's bday :( But I wanna go. Maybe I'll leave early to be there or something :D

Let's see.. Meeting dato' lee chong wei with miza tomorrow at I don't-know-where-the-hell and USJ 4's sports day on sunday. Anyone going? ;)



Tuesday, April 6

It's pitch dark

..and I'm back :D

This blog has been abandoned because the owner is such a lazy *insert cute nickname* (Y) haha

So anyways, I went to USJ 13's sports day on sunday. It was the bombbbb ;) Met all those familiar faces and even more unfamiliar peeps. Didn't stick around for that long though. Because after the kawad thingy, we went to taipan to have breakfast :D at pizza hut somemoree *c* because mcd was effing full with kids and kfc is too far away :L Walk, walk talk talk went back around 11.30 or something. Early riteeeee(!) My bro was like "Meet me now, we're going home!" I was like shizzz because we were already on the way to taipan, again :S My cousin's teacher la, said wanted to give the medal on that day but then didn't. GRRR much?

School has been normal these two days. Except that now, everytime I look at MB I fell like E.E.W!*in fathiah's tone xD* Seriously. Like OMG! I can't write it here as it's like, vair disgusting and.. disgusting thing to do. I mean, girl! don't you have any self-respect?? And now almost everyone knows about her & the lies. She's like a celebrity-famous for the wrong reasons :P ISHH.

She's not even talking to me nowadays. It's sadd :( One look at this cutie and whoosh with the big eyes rolling T^T

RAIN released a new video last week! I just found out about it on saturdayyyyy.

omg, hot much? The lyrics is so sad.. I kinda cried the first time I watch this video. Reminds me of some stuff that's undone. So yeaa. I LOVE YOU RAIN

There's more news but I'm tired. Just got back from KOKO you see. Such a good girl riteee? ;) *nudgenudge* HAHA

*ps; I don't like the new layout of youtube .___. do you?

Saturday, April 3

You laugh like a lunatic

Sorry haven't update since march, been pretty busy la. You know, with life and all :P ahahaha. OK, so here's what happened;

Aprils fool day *evil witch laugh* Neh, I didn't pull a prank on anyone though. I didn't have enough motivation. HAHA. So I just laugh at other people's pranks and stuff. OH, like the one we're pulling on MB *eye brows* hahaha. That is like the joke of the century mann (; Will not write it here though. Later she read ar, I die wor xD OH, and we celebrated my aunty sue's bday at victoria station that night

Went to sunway after school. celebrate Atiqah's sweet sixteen :) YOU'RE OLDER BABEEE ;) hahahahaha. Seven of us became eight then plus two. Do the math, literally. wait. I have to remember back who were there. Hemm.. me tiqa jaslyn yixia peh shye ricia yana ate tiqa's sis & friend. 10 ritee? But then we split up so it wasn't as hectic la. It was hella funn meeting USJ13 students again :DD I MISS YOU PEOPLE. thankyouyeaa~

Woke up pretty early to follow mother to UKM because I was like "college? I wanna go!!" because there are older & hotter lengcais like duhh! Yea, I helped mother carry around her beg and I controlled the slide show ;) which means, I was sitting facing the engineering students and.. 5 cuties anyone? hahaha. 57 students all together.

Some of them speak in mandarin with me YEA :D since I went up and down taking & giving papers all. That's all I did. I'm awesome lah *wink* But I have to say this, the malay dudes all look like not students in a way. I mean, all ewww-ish and erghh-ish. This is like, my 2nd time helping my mom so yea (Y) :)

Will be going to the SMK USJ 13's sports day at MPSJ with cousin & bro and have no idea what time that'll be as they are all vair efficient people. sarcastically ofcourse XD