Tuesday, March 16

You're wrong,

hi hi hi :D

I thought I wasn't going to blog today, but it's just because I'm bored stiff. And the house if like, sheety hot! grrr.

So anyways, I played dynasty warriors just now until I died. Which was like 7 minutes into the game. Awesomeee right?? So I give up and play guitar hero for a while. Hell, I died there too. Thank god my bro wasn't there, I bet he'd laugh hahaha

Then I watch tv instead. and ohmygod just in time for SGB! :DD damn happy (Y) Then then I saw dongho and my hubby! I fainted. HAHA. My hubby is fyi, soohyun. He was effing funny in the 2nd round! like, they had to translate korean sentence to English. So they asked soohyun this really long sentence and he was like "what would you like to drink?" lmaoooooo! Dongho, beside him had the right answer which was "how many are there in your family" zomg! howthehell did he get the 'drink' part there?? Another sentence was given. All he said was "do you like gimchi?" and was like showing his hands to the camera pretending having a gimchi laaa. HAHAHA OMG! soo cuteeee

My mom came home in the middle of the show. She was like "Imannn, I miss youh" I was like "motherrr, my hubby is on tv, I have to watch" hahaha. She laughed actually :( HAHAHA. Omg I'm like laughing alone mann, sure my dad thinks I got some mental problem or something xD

oh, ohmigoshh! I totally forgot! Jay posted a video of him singing a cover 'nothing on you' like, this morning! I was the 119th view on youtube *pats self* and ofcourse I squealed like a freakin fangirl (!!) Click here for the video :)

I miss Jay though :'( So yeah, tears were present just now. hahaha. I hope for him to have a successful future (Y) Anddddd, #jayparkaom was a TT on twitter just now! and #yayGD (because charges against him were drop) Seriously, korea--kpop-- is taking over the world little by little. kekeke~

Epik High - Run

addictive song, Lovessss :)
I miss them. mostly tablo la *winkwink*
but dangg. that guy who runs is so cuteeee!


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