Monday, March 15

With all of my spite

Good the morning!

omg dudeeeee! I'm so lame T.T it's like 10.28am and I'm here? PFFT.

Anyways, yesterday was white day :DD you know, one month after valentine's day and that we're suppose to give something back to the guy who gave us stuff on valentine's. Do I make ANY sense at all?? I had a date with someone heee~ but but, *insert reason here* HAHA

But I did have funnn playing Guitar Hero with my bro. "Player one rocks!" all the way. It's sad that I was player two though :S hahaha. That game seriously makes me want to play Rock band. *sigh* anyone up for USJ19? That place is freaking full of bishies (Y) ;O

and ohmygodd, guess who I ran into online? that other BS who lies D: Like, seriously. *looking for the post link* THIS one :) hahaha, I have so many people like them in my life that it's kinda sad. What eff, I count it as entertainment in my life.

I'm so bored. and full of oatmeal GRRR. Planning to go to sunway or klcc. Hopefully, soon. I want a Samsung Yepp because because, soohyun have one!! hahaha. They look so hot in yesterday's inkigayo. Kevin ahhh!


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