Wednesday, March 24

We laughed

Hello sweet people :D
It's been a long time since I've been here *cough* I got my own reasons. hahaha

Anyways, school just started this week. And I have to say, going to school is like better than sitting at home(Y) Where you're bored out of your mind, wondering what to do, eating non-stop. OK, maybe the last part was just me HAHAHA.
Freaking hell, english aural is tomorrow, and I freaking don't have any idea of what to do! -.- The teacher said we can talk about anything at all, a topic that we're comfortable with. If I have to choose, I'll be doing a topic on sex or Soohyun or Dynasty warriors etc. PFFT, I don't know! And, and oh! have to do a presentation shizz for science. derhell.

So I'm like, so lazy to do any of them. Maybe I'll do something tonight or like, tomorrow morning or some shizz because they say that your demerit points is carried around wiht you no matter which school you move to. Believe me when I say I have enough demerit points(!) So yea, jiayou! :]

Other than that, school is also rather boring. hahaha, hypocrite much? xD

OH, and and SHINEE is coming to malaysia *squels* but but but, they're only going to be in summit batu pahat, which is like in johor =.= great lah. It's good enough that my friend told me about the Super junior's concert. but Johor? PERGHH. Too troublesome to ask anyone *sigh

So now, UKISS have to come to KL! muahaha :P

outs, xoxo

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