Thursday, March 18

Undeniably wrong

I'm a mess right now. Because of someone who's really.. urgh. OK la, since I don't have anyone to talk to, I'll just write it here. I know I'd cry everytime I talk to you about something that really matters to me since I'm so emotional & stuff. But it's also because it's frustrating. So, so frustrating to talk to you. Maybe it's because you don't listen to me. You make assumptions. But you're bad at that too. Bad assumptions lead to this organized hell I'm living. All of this shit, the play I put up, saying I'm happy when I'm really not. I should get an oscar. The days when I don't talk to you. You asked me "what's wrong" when you, yourself is not sure how to listen to me or why you asked me such an abnormal question to begin with. It's just wrong. To the height that, I give up. I never ever want to have anything to do with you. It's pointless. But I know that someday I'll regret having this feeling. That I'd wish I can turn back time. But hell, I'm done. I'll take the risk. I just am really dissapointed that you're like this. Do you not understand my needs? or better yet, my feelings? And I thought you really get me. You know what I'm feeling since you were once my age. This fragile time of my life. I guess I thought wrong. You're just someone I have to put up with. I don't care about the words that will come out of your mouth anymore. I bet whatever you say is a bunch of lies disguised as words.

Don't worry, I'm ok like always.
ps; I'm talking about my otosan (
お父さん). Find out what that means :)


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