Sunday, March 7

There's never a final round

Tonnes of fav lines, but this is all I can write while laughing LOL
"You'll be hor hor horny"
"We're damn damn sexy"
"We're addicting like pringles"

When soohyun said what his fav move is called,
I was like "HOOMYGOD, HOT."


"we're getting a lawyer"

omg lmaoooooo xD

bangedherbangedherbangedher! :O
"Oh my are you my nuna? Then we're both pros"

"OH welcome to our batcave-let's make love hideout-"
And OHHHMYGOD! that time when soohyun winked & wanted to be my teacher, I fainted.
"Now she want me to tickle tickle"

"Juliet now on the floor"

Goddd, that's so nasty!! I love it! hahaha
jazzyxsarang@youtube :)



School was normal. hahaha. *coughcough* we took our class picture YAYYY *clapclap*. that was so hot(!!) I mean, they don't use green screen & stuff so we were like, outside T.T Thank god it was under the shade. If not, I'll be the first to complain muahaha!

And I'm pretty sure our class teacher is deaf. Like, it was already recess time but she went on blabbering and blabbering & stuff. The bell rang but still, GRRR. So like, after omg 10 minutes, the teachers at the back were like "recess, dah lambat pun" D: And I was really hungry too. OK, I know like I'm hungry 24/7 but still, this is not fairrrr.

So that's all for school I guess. hemmm..

xoxo :)

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