Thursday, March 11

No one no one no one

So I'm watching Fcuz's No one and was like "omgKANNNNNN!!" when I saw him with ze new blonde hair *0* and and LeeU tooo! he looks like, a man now wow! hahaha.

OH, anyways school was tiring. but funnnnn :) I mean, SPM results out today. I wonder how my cousin did hemmm... So during recess time, me & some friends went lengcai hunting *winkwink* hahaha. Goshh, and the school is filled with them(!!) During our-supposed-to-be-maths class, pratically everyone were outside. Including me like duhhh..! And omg. This dudeee with this orange/brownish hair looks like honggi OMG *fangirl squels* !! Got many
la, ullzangs *sigh I SMK USJ 12. hahaha

Me & Hazwani went to the toilet for a while. She was like "this is like my
first time going out of the class without a pass" I was like, "What der omg really?" hahaha. What a weird school. I go out like, everytime I have the chance back in usj 13. OK, I did have my demerits points and teachers yelling in my face but that's the fun part about school :] So people, chillll laaa(Y)OH, and there was this crazy teacher calling us to go back to class. PFFT. I was like "teacher babeee, we're lengcai hunting laaa" HAHA

Tomorrow is the last day before the one-week off! YAYYYYYY :D But Imma miss school though. Like, all the chit chatting, laugh happy-ing, and of course MB's BS(the girl who lies la). But t
hat was today actually, she's going somewhere.. read;

Alaa.. tomorrow is the last day and then friday byebye (I know right wtf am I crapping)
*grinnnnnnns* are you moving??
*glares* ohh no, got camp and bla bla bla

*Turns off hearing thingy mejig*

So yeah, I thought she was freaking going to moveeee.. ah. GRRR. Nevermind, I bet karma will hit her sooner or laterr ;o

Anyways, it's SOOHYUN's 22nd birthday todayyyyyy *squels*

will be at the forum spazzing with other fangirls,

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