Saturday, March 6

Never back it up, backing it up

hahaha, I loveee kara! xP
OH, yea. I changed mi blog's background and the picture in 'the addiction' part :) Soohyun is still there *winkwink* and Jay of DNA and and Hongki(!) *droooools* I was like OMG when I found out that I've wasted like 2 hours finding new websites for blogger templates -.- cwap. So after watching U-KISS' vampire for a bit, I decided to not use any of those flashy nice-looking blog templates. Instead, I use :) They're pure genius. I'm proud *pats self* (Y)

Anyway, signed up at kingdomprince It's DNA's international forummmmm *WOOT! Haven't been active in any forums lately, so that's a start :DD erghh. I lead a vair boring life, so now I'm all blank of what to write liaou .___. Wonder what's for breakfast tomorrow L O L

Since my phone died, I haven't been in contact with any of my 13 friends :/ That hella sucks. Now I'm thinking about getting the white corby instead of the yellow one I've been planning to get since it release. How about that? :))

I just need to hold on a few more centuries or so, and it'll be all good. I hope :S *fingers crossed*


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