Wednesday, March 31

I saw you

OK, yesterday. The digi number thing. Nehh, it's ok. Remembering that number and that person. Just annoying, that's all. The most annoying thing is that he also calls my maxis number -.-" give up can? thankyou. And to all that's still thinks that I'm using my digi number 24/7 is wrong. I'm just using it on weekends HAHAHA AS IF! No wait, I use it only once in a while. I USE MY MAXIS MORE LIKE DUHH, THANKS :)

I had the weirdest dream and I got to say that it's also the most awesomenest dream everr! Like, like. OMG. It involved this one cute guy and 'iloveyou' Go figure. OH, I also saw my grandma. I misss her! :( But ohmigod, serious shizz I felt it was real! like, like. I can't explain mann(!) I just had this feeling of 'thump-thump-thump' when I met this dude. But I was not actually meeting him, I know him la. So sweeeeet

Is it a sign? please tell me, fortune teller. hahaha

Anyways, school. Had to bring a leaf for an experiment or something. Weird. Anddd I forgot what to write O.O' Ohhwaitt, yea in agama class. We girls all sat in the right side of the room. And left MB ALONE in that side of the room. Hellyeah she was too scared to come sit with us. So instead, she was like looking & looking at us with those big huge eyes. HAHA.

I left my yellow pencil at home. Felt diffo without it hahaha that's BS lah! xD


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