Monday, March 29


So I didn't go to school today *woots* Maybe no one is wondering why because, no one would wanna know about me *sobs* but I'm going to write it here anyways :O It's because because we went to the hospital last night/morning! my mom was like practically shouting of pain, so yeah. 11.30PM at SDMC. The doctor inject her and like at 1AM we went home :D OK, maybe not straight home because we stop at MCD for some snacks as somebody said she/he/it said they were hungry *innocent face* HAHAHA I didn't eat that much for dinner laaaa lol

Slept at 2.30AM and woke up at 11.37AM this morning. World record mann. Never woke up that late(!) Seriously. You know how I am, such a good girl and all ;)

OH, yesterday was awesomee :D My dearest cousin, Juju got engaged! *clapclap* I didn't understand though, all the procedures and stuff. But I do know that, she looks super pretty and the food was (Y)(Y) hahaha. Lots of pics and I'm pretty sure some of it will appear on facebook D: LOL.

OK, so I think that's all. OH, BTW. there's a new poster on my bedroom wall. And and, it's FT ISLAND
!♥ So effing HOT. rawwr ;D I got it free with epop haha


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