Friday, March 5

Everyone lives


So I'm back from the dead *evil witch laugh* ;) More like this blog is back. Goshh, I miss writing in this shizz. Come to think of it, I don't actually HAHA. OK, the exam week. OK-OK lorrh. Add maths was super hard :S Obviously because I don't speak numbers & stuff. But what eff, just wish me luck (Y)

We had our usual lessons after recess. That was tiring D: but it was a fun day considering the sun was like, coming & going as it please :) hahaha yeahh, I only care about how dark I'm NOT going to be :P OH, I just realized that when I'm at school, under the sun & all my skin look like vair tanned & kinda not yellow-ish anymore. But when I'm at home with protection as in the roof & walls being there & stuff, I looks very pale & brighter. Like really O.O' Ahh yeah, I'm a vampire! That explains everything hahaha. Sooo gotta go check my DNA xD

DNA- Tokyo Boy
Jay & Karam are soo mine, roar ♥

Didn't watch their debut on music bank live just now. Was asleep hahaha
DID watch however, John park getting cut :( I was like "HELL NOOOO" When the news broke out on allkpop this afternoon. CWAP, So now there's no deep-voiced asian on the show. Totally gonna miss him *sigh*

Well, the holidays are near. On ELI's bday actually (!!) OMG YAYYY :DD
Planning what to do where to go. hemmmm.. Let's rock sunway? :) *bangbangbangbang*


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