Tuesday, March 30

Everyday I shock

hahaha addictive much?:]

So I'm just going to write a few stuff because my left hand is dying. Ahnnoying -.-

Anyways, school was so-so. Suprised that my EX-BFF (athilah, MB, betch) ignored me. I smiled at her and she freaking looked away! And all the lies we've been through :'( it's sad. Heard that she rebonded her hair and that more and more people is hating her. HAHAHA. Woots for that! ;D

I went back from school at 4PM. ERGHH. Tired lo(!) Then ofcourselikeduhh I slept (Y) Did you know that sleeping burns more calories than watching tv? yes, I count calories. Shut up. haha

I checked my digi number since I missed it and I just remember about it LOL. Yea, it's been 3000 years since I last used it! 26 missed calls, 11 smses. 3 anonymous numbers, 2/3 friends and only one number that I know so well that I'm trying to forget it. Read it again if it has confused you. Will talk about it in the next post since my mom is like "darlinggg, go to sleep!" hahaha. OK, maybe not exactly like that. It's more to "Iman, it's late! the hell you're doing there??" But still, the same right? hahaha (;


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