Friday, March 26

Dude, I need you

Yes, I'm korean today
ㅋㅋ. Just came back from school and now facebook is down T.T So I have nothing else to do except to watch youtube videos but that's taking centuries too GRRR.

Anyways, school. Effing embarrassing lahhh .___. like like, I had to do the english aural today of all days. So I just went in front and started blabbering. The topic, first day at usj 12. HAHAHA. Erghh, I don't want to recall thanks. But some of my friends were like "Talk about korea" so I asked "hahaha like what? drama??" LMAOOO! if can, I totally would have started talking about jeremy's hotness in you're beautiful xD

Then then, the science teacher who I think is having her PMS, was totally all over the place just now. She was like "OK, I want the presentation today ar, no next week" D: I was like O.O' But we managed to do it. Thanks to Jo yen's tuiton notes *clapclap* :D

OH omg! I forgot about what happened this morning (!!) Like, Dhaniyah, shouted at MB. ohhmigod. I didn't see it though. They were like, in front of the school's gate or something while I was already inside, still not awake. hahaha. Anyways, hellyeah dhaniyah got mad. But the effing MB was making her famous 'i don't care' face -.- She even ignored the fact that my name was being said in the fight. Dangg, we are so not BFFs anymore girl! In class, she told this dude, that she has broken up. Aww PUI! hahaha. So now she has a new bf or some shizz. omg, who'll believe that? I tell you, I'd get a heart attack if she says she's getting married 10 years from now. Serious.

ZE:A just released their 2nd EP and MV :) I lovelove their song; all day (Y) and doojoon & kevin looks exxtrahh hot in the mv *squels* hahaha ;) Sorry, I can't recognize other members LOL

but the lyrics so deep..
I feel like erasing someone from my life too :(

OK, I'm done xD

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